They Become Simply Marvelous


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that stepping into, and walking in our authority and power, our divine nature, happens neither instantaneously, nor is it a one shot deal.  It’s a daily thing; a one-step-at-a-time thing.  I hope you’ll read the entire message yourselves at – it’s a goodie!

When I think back on all the things I used to really struggle with, and things that would just almost shatter my heart, I think about the way God brought me through them.  I thought about how God teaches me out of His Word.  And, yes, He does have a sense of humor-as you saw in yesterday’s post.

As we learn to walk fully in God’s love, His admonition, according to His will, and His Word, those things that seem like miraculous happenings – (you know, when you finally get it right, and it works easy as pie, and blows you away?) – become more and more natural, and naturally, expected. ..and marvelous; simply marvelous!

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Saturday Silly – August 16, 2019


I was doing some reminiscing about Montana the other day.  I had been checking out the Wolf and Bear Center up by Yellowstone Park.  I love the wildlife and wide open spaces in Montana.  One of my loves as a teenager there was a Native American boy.  I loved his sense of humor most.  Most Montanans have a pretty good sense of humor…and they love to tell those “Big as the Big Sky” stories.  

One beautiful Saturday morning, He and I headed out to a little butte just outside of the reservation.  His grandma and grandpa lived on the reservation.  We were going to spend the morning exploring, and then have a nice picnic lunch.  After lunch, he said he’d promised to send a smoke signal message to his grandpa, at home.  He built a fire, took a blanket out of the back of the truck, and sent some smoke signals up.  Then he asked me if I would like to learn some smoke signals!  “Won’t that be fun,” he asked.  I thought that was awesome.  I thought anything he did was awesome.  He gave me the blanket, and said, “Okay, you’re going to signal the word, “butte.”  Then Grandpa will know where we’re at.”  Then he said, “Just kind of swoop it down, and sweep it slowly over the fire. That’s “butte.”  I did as he told me to.  He said, “Hmm, I don’t think you got it quite right, honey.  You swept too fast. Try again.”  Again, I swooped and swept-slowly, of course.  “No,” said he.  “This time, swoop just a little bit slower.  But the sweep was good there.”  Again, I swooped-slowly, and swept.  Right about that time, we heard sirens.  Up the hill came this little fire engine.  I thought, “Oh no, we’re in trouble for having a fire up here.”  The fire truck stopped and a couple of Native American firemen got out.  “What’s the trouble,”  one asked?  “there’s no trouble”, I said.  “I was just learning smoke signals. I signaled “butte” to tell my boyfriend’s grandpa where we’re at.”  “No,” said the fireman.  “You signaled, “My butt’s on fire!”  Some of those Native American boys are real pranksters!  Those firemen were his cousins.  I used to be soooo gullible!  That was my “Big as the Big Sky” story.

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Saturday Silly – August 10, 2019


I spoke with a friend of mine in Washington recently.  She lost her husband a few years ago.  In June of this year, she finally sold their house.  She’s moving into a retirement community, and is excited to be starting this new chapter in her life.

On this particular weekend, she had begun to move into her new place.  She was carrying her husband’s urn from the car to the condo, when it slipped out of her hands.  It hit the ground with a clatter, popped open, and spilled hubby all over the walk.  There was nothing to do but scoop him up and put him back.  She got her little broom and dustpan, and began sweeping him up.  She was so rattled that she didn’t notice the little muddy clump of dried grass she’d swept up along with the ashes.  Her next door neighbor came over just then.  She’d heard the clatter, and decided to check on her.  When my friend explained what had happened, she got this horrified look on her face and asked: “Was that poo in there when you got him out of the mortuary?!”  My friend’s hubby had quite a sense of humor.  It must have rubbed off on her, because she looked up at the lady and replied: “Yep, that it did.  He was always getting lost when he was alive; even with a map, he’s get lost.  He must have thought he was in Hell when those flames hit him, and pooped.”

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Every Day’s Chock Full of Miracles


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that we are walking around in the midst of a world full of miracles.  Every day is chock full of miracles when we walk with our Lord.

I want to share a little miracle, and God’s sense of humor, with you.  As you all know, I love those little mocking birds.  I was sitting at my favorite picnic table a couple of mornings ago.  There’s a little bird that has learned how to sound like an alarm clock.  He also says good morning, and sweet talks in this teeny little voice.  I just love him.  Anyway, I’d finished my prayer, and was enjoying the morning, when the “alarm” went off.  I said, “Everybody’s awake already; who are you trying to wake up?”  “Good morning,” the little bird replied.  Then he sang a little tune.  I said, “I love you.”  He didn’t like that.  He squawked a couple of times, nastily.  Now, I thought he just might have a jealous girlfriend birdie up there.  So, I said, “I don’t want your boyfriend; I’ve got my eyes on somebody else.”  I was quite amused.  He said something that I couldn’t quite make out, so I said, “Oh, really, Sparky?”  He got quiet then.  I get such joy out of those little birds, I said, “Thank you, Jesus, I love you…forever.”  That little bird piped up with what sounded exactly like, “Oh, really, Sparky?!”  I laughed so hard.  I can just see Jesus up there laughing at me.  And, do you all know that was a miracle, tailor made for me?  Yeah, God will do that just for you!  Every day is chock full of miracles.  We just don’t often look in the right places for them, or recognize them when they come to us.

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Saturday Silly – June 1, 2019


June is Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month.   That would explain the dream I had last night about my Aunt and Uncle moving into the refrigerator

Girl Corn Cob Cartoon CharacterOh, God, that’s corny!  Think I’ll just make like a banana and split…cartoon_stock_2017_096457

I do love Banana Splits, though; for real!  I only eat one every once in awhile…cuz, well, I don’t want my pants to split.  OMG! orangeOrange you glad we’ve come to the end of this post?

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Saturday Silly – May 25, 2019


Boy this has been a busy month.  We have all kinds of holidays and observances.  This month is Older Americans Month.  I thought that was so cool!  I was so excited about it, I told this lady in the restroom about it.  I said, “Hey, May is Older Americans Month; you should celebrate.”  Then I realized I was looking in the mirror and talking to myself.  I’m glad we only have monthly observances once a year; I’d be talking to myself all year long!  *The way to prevent getting old is to just keep getting older.

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Saturday Silly – May 18,2019


I don’t know if anybody else does this, but, sometimes when it’s been a very long day, my mind just kind of does its own thing.  The other night I was walking along to my spot.  It was late, and I was tired; very tired.  Anyway, I glanced up and happened to see this sign on a building: United Movement.

Immediately, Communal Outhouse comes to my mind.  I thought, “Now, can’t you just see that one? Four or five people on “the bench” in the outhouse; all at the same time…Oh, man!  You throw a good pot of chilli or some bad burritos into the mix…well, that sure would put a new spin on that thing they call “The Wave.”


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Saturday Silly – May 11, 2019


Isn’t the warm weather wonderful?!  Finally!  Time for shorts and bathing suits, etc.  I am feeling so strong; and the curves are finally going in the right direction again.  LOL!  I’ve had to be really disciplined about my diet and exercise, though.  I walk as much as I can.  My diet is pretty good, all things considered.  I mean, I remember the days when I ate fast food constantly, and really wasn’t exercising at all.

Let me tell you, that middle age spread was beginning to look like major property.  And gravity was sure beginning to take it’s toll, too.  Seriously, I felt like I needed a lift on both ends!  Even my husband was aware of it.  One day we were at the grocery store, and he kept running into me with the shopping cart from behind.  I finally asked him what the heck he was doing.  He replied, “I’m just trying to hold up my end, Dear.”

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Saturday Silly – April 27, 2019


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, is about feeling the presence of the Lord with us.  I was sitting in the park this morning, enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.  I had one of those mockingbird encounters.  I’m pretty sure that was Jesus’ way of saying good morning to me.

He (the bird; not Jesus) started out just chattering at me.  Then there was, “Good morning.”  I was just about to eat a croissant when he chirped something like, “ready?”  I laughed at him and asked, “are you hungry?”  He didn’t answer, but he did come down out of the tree.  Then, he made the rounds under all the empty picnic tables.  There was a man sitting at one table, with his head resting on his arms.  The little mockingbird went back up into his tree, which was just beside that table.  Then I heard what sounded like an alarm going off.  It was the bird.  I said, “are you an alarm clock?”  I laughed when the little man sat up and was looking around.  The next sound that little mockingbird made was like a truck backing up…”beep, beep, beep,” he twittered.  It made my day, but I thought, if I see that little bird moon-walking on that tree limb right now…”  See there, Jesus is a very entertaining Lord.  I could almost hear Him up there giggling at us.  And, I’m sure grateful that He’s the ringmaster in this circus called life.

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