Just My Jesus Showin’…


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that all those miracles are just natural happenings in the spiritual realm.  It’s not a big thing;it’s just my Jesus showing. LOL If you operate in just your five senses, or in your flesh, they’ll seem out of the ordinary, or supernatural occurrences, though. That’s why we have to lose ourselves; step into that sixth sense-the spirit. See, that’s why I don’t think it strange at all when birds talk to me. And I almost never fall out of my chair anymore, when Jesus does it-I mean, does what I ask. He does catch me off guard every once in awhile…I’m sure He just laughs and laughs whenever He gets me, too; especially after all these years. “I love you, Lord,” she says with a big smile on her face.
The spiritual force behind those natural happenings is cultivated and grown over many hours, days, months, years of time spent with the Lord-walking as a child of God. That force is grown, groomed, fine-tuned, and perfected through many encounters, stumbles, slips, falls, lessons learned-some, hard ones, and a lot of prayers and worship time. The culmination of all of that is great “spiritual Power, operating marvelously,” and more and more perfected.
I want to remind you that I have published my Bible study on Establishing Your Daughter’s House. I’m working on a new Bible study on Your Glory. Becoming a published author has been an uphill battle, mostly because someone’s been bound and determined to kick my feet out from under me. But, I hope to have at least a few more books to offer within the next couple of months. That’s what I’ve been working on, in case anyone is wondering. I’ve posted the link to Establishing Your Daughter’s House below. I hope it inspires you as much as it did me, when I did the study.

f20eaf9144d613ffd2dc613bd2185516908c26d6-thumb  Completed Weekly Bible Study Series
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It Isn’t Painful; Just Let Yourself Go


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that we are to walk humbly with our God.

When I first read this message, I didn’t really get it.  I thought my humility was just for Jesus, and for the Heavenly Father.  I didn’t think about humility before all those other people you’re walking around down here with.   Then I fell in love.  Ladies and gentlemen, I would have eaten dirt for that man!  That’s pretty humble, don’t you think?  Yeah?  Not really, because you know why I would have eaten dirt for him?  I wanted him to be in love with me in return.  Ulterior motive, in spirit.  Hmm…ouch, ouch, ouch, that truth hurt when I finally could admit it.  Yeah!  I was far too vain to like having to cop to being flawed in any way, shape, or form.  LOL

Let me tell you what happened to that vanity when I fell in love with Jesus.  Our Lord just kind of sand-blasted that thing off of me, right then and there.  And, He has polished that roughness, little by little as the years have gone by.   I’ve gotten those polishings whenever I did let Jesus take it over.  Let me tell you, those are the most humbling instances-in the circumstances and events that you know it had to be Jesus, it just had to be-because you are not capable of that kind of grace, patience, quick thinking, whatever it may be.  Believe me, when Jesus works it, there’s no mistaking Him for someone else.  You cannot fool yourself into thinking it was you.  To see what God’s grace, compassion, love, peace, just speaking His Name can do, will bring you to your knees.  We can be humbled by seeing that at work in others.  We can also be humbled when God shows us how much of those things we lack in our own spirit.

Oh, God, that polishing used to hurt in the early years.  Now, whenever I am humbled in some circumstance-and not by another person, but by the Lord, Himself, it is a sweet, sweet moment between me and Jesus.  That’s because now, it doesn’t feel like He’s rubbing off the rough stuff.  Now, it feels like He’s bringing out the glow; the shine.

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Peace…Be Still & Know That I Am God


This is the perfect song to go with today’s post about inner peace.  Yes, and that middle of the week “help me keep going,” we need.  Thank you, Chris Tomlin, for a beautiful rendition…and yes, we do need Him.

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Here’s to That Hush Within


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that we need to just determine to get peace and be still within.  That’s where the storms are, really, aren’t they?

When I think back on some of the worst times of my life, I find they were times that I didn’t walk away and get quiet within.  I didn’t take time to stop and regain my inner peace.  It doesn’t matter what it is, loss of a job, argument with hubby/wife, argument with your child, whatever crisis-and yes, those arguments are crises in your relationship because they can strain and even break the bond that’s crucial there, whatever it is, you need to just stop and regain your inner peace.  Just a quickly as you realize it’s going downhill, you need to step away and let God take the wheel.

He’ll remind you who and whose you are.  He’ll remind you how much strength and power you do have.  But, strength and power are not ours to rule over one another with.  Rather, the strength and power are ours to use to overcome the evil, the fear, the anger, the doubt, the loudness of the friction and strain on spirit-yours and theirs.  The Bible tells us that our strength lies in quietness and trust.  It’s hard to trust God when you’ve lost sight of Him within you.  When the “whatever” is screaming in your spirit, His Word in your Heart is pretty much inaudible; and your brain just freezes.  I know, I’m living proof.  And I’ve been on both sides of that fence.

Sometimes, you can’t walk away physically right then.  That’s one of the reasons the kingdom of Heaven is within us.  It’s one of the reasons His Word is to be written on our hearts.  It’s also one of the reasons we need to know our limits.  We need to know when we’re heading for the cliff, long before we get there.  I’ve found it’s a lot easier to just pray and kind of “refuel” with that Word, right when I suspect things are not as they should be.  In relationships, especially, it involves integrity and truthfulness.  It all really goes back to your standards and boundaries.  Peace is important to everyone’s well being, and also essential to promote progress and success.  Chaos makes it impossible to get things done, to learn, to teach, etc.  That’s why it’s one of Satan’s favorite games to play.

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Yes, You Were Made To Love Him


And He loves you and me!  Toby Mac says this so well!  It’s one of his older ones; but, oh, still so awesome!  Yes, it goes with today’s post about seeking God’s love in the world around us.

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It Requires Remaining Aware of His Love


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that we have a refuge in, and from, this world.  We are bid to dwell in God’s love, laughing, trusting, and knowing His Divine Power.

I realized some time ago, that, when I choose to seek God’s love in the world around me, I am always sure to find it.  Sometimes, it’s contained in the tiniest things, or revealed in the smallest of ways, but it’s always there.  When we begin to dwell, to really live in God’s love, we become more and more aware of His Divine Power.  There’s almost no question, whatsoever, of the source of the little “coincidences, miracles, and eleventh hour rescues.”

Just this morning, I walked out to my storage place.  I rearranged my bag for the day, locked up, and headed back down to the entry gate.  The keypad at the exit point wasn’t working.  I rang the manager’s bell a couple of times, finally ringing in Morse Code, “SOS.”  It was about 8:33 a.m.  I sat down to wait for the manager, who would be in at 9 a.m.  I thought, well, I might as well take the time to say my morning prayer.  I hadn’t yet.  I said my amen, and added, “Jesus, please send somebody up here in a hurry.”  No sooner were the words out of my mouth, and one of the office workers showed up.  I told her the keypad wasn’t working.  She asked how long I’d been there, and I said, “Oh, about fifteen minutes.”  She said, “You’re lucky I came in early today; I usually don’t show up until 9:30 a.m.”  I’m so glad Jesus hears our prayers.

Jesus said that he couldn’t work His miracles in some places because of the unbelief.  He asked, “Do you believe…?  He also said, “Your faith has made you well, healed you, saved you, etc.”  Faith activates God’s Divine Power in our lives.  When we make it a point to seek, accept, and reciprocate by living in that love toward ourselves and others, more and more of God’s Divine Power becomes active in our lives.  As this takes place, our faith is fed, and grows.  Walking by faith then becomes easier and easier; like breathing.

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There’s No Comparison!


This is the song I choose for today:  It goes well with today’s post, I think.  And, for me, nothing does compare with His Love.  I’m so thankful for Jesus’ love, and for His sacrifice on the cross at Calvary.  I wouldn’t be able to walk with Him now, had it not been for His love and grace toward us.  Thank you, Lord.  I love you!  Third Day sings it so well:

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