Count Your Blessings


Happy September!  Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, bids us realize how rich, indeed, we really are.  We have Jesus, all His love, grace, patience, kindness, strength, power, authority, peace, and joy…the list goes on and on.  How can we fear the future, when Jesus holds it in His hands?

When I read the message, I thought about how blessed I was to listen to some good music over the last two weekends.  There were free concerts on Fremont Street Experience, here in Las Vegas.  I had to thank God, when I read this message, that I am able to hear the music.  I also think about how much I enjoy the taste of my morning coffee; especially when it’s a good cup of coffee.  Being able to take deep breaths is another treasure, after my ordeal a few summers ago, when my lungs crashed.

I don’t really fear the future.  There are things I want to get done while I can do them; but I know God’s got my life in His hands.  He holds the future.  All of that peace and joy came through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  While we can’t just wander aimlessly through life, we can be sure we’re going to survive it.  LOL  There is truly so much to be grateful for.  When we pay attention to those little things we often don’t think about, we can realize that we have been blessed and given such treasures.  I think of that “pressed down, shaken together, and running over,” scripture.  Our God is a good God!

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Saturday Silly – August 31, 2019


A friend of mine has a daughter who just got her first apartment.  Her daughter insisted on looking for and choosing her own place, without any help or “input” from mom and dad.  My friends said that her daughter checked into about 50 places before she finally found the apartment she wanted.  She said her daughter sent her this picture from the pool nearby.  Thanking God this place is not in Las Vegas…LOL


Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Eden’s Breakfast On The Grill


Ingredients:  1- 9×13 cookie sheet or baking pan… 1 LB. Bulk ground Pork Sausage, 1 med. bag frozen O’Brien Potatoes, 1 dozen Eggs, 1 eight ounce package Sargento Cheddar Cheese slices, Butter, Salt, Pepper

Make a nice bed of coals, and get them good and hot.  When the coals are hot, your grill’s ready. ***Please keep in mind that when you’re working on a grill, temperatures vary, and you need to check frequently to make sure the food is cooking correctly, and not burning.**   Place cookie sheet or baking pan on the grill, and add the ground sausage, breaking it up as it cooks.  Cook the sausage until near done, stirring well to prevent burning. The meat should be pale pinkish.   Now, move the sausage to the cooler side of the pan, and melt about 3-4 T. butter in the cookie sheet or baking pan.  Spread the melted butter around evenly.  Now add the O’Brien potatoes, tossing them lightly to cover with the butter.  Next, spread them out across the pan, incorporating the cooked sausage into them.  Cover with foil and let cook for 15-20 minutes, stirring about halfway through cooking time.  At 20 minutes, they should be tender.  Crack the eggs over the top of the sausage and potato mixture, one at a time, covering the mixture evenly.  Now’s the time to add a little salt and pepper, if you like.  Cover with foil and let cook another 10-20 minutes, until the egg yolks are set.  Uncover and top with the cheese.  Cover and let the cheese melt-about 5 minutes.                             I put two strips of cheese “diamonds” down the pan.  Image result for images diamond shape  When the cheese is melted, remove the pan from the grill, uncover and let sit 3-5 minutes.  Serves 6  

Serve with some red grapes or canteloupe melon on the side if desired.

What a great way to end the summer!

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Saturday Silly – July 6, 2019


“Well, Officer, these fireworks went off, and these two pigeons came flying up and almost ran right into each other in mid-air…well no, that’s not true…pigeons don’t run…well, not in mid-air, anyway…they almost flew into each other in mid-air…of course, they’d be flying in the air…ohhhhh…I’m so sorry I rear ended you, Sir….                                                    nncnp3g17zovk80h1ao5tgkn9q85wu9

That all actually went through my mind, on the fourth of July, as I was crossing the street…well, all except for that rear ending the officer part, thank God…and the fireworks did scare a couple of pigeons up into the air…and they almost collided in mid air…I’m still laughing at the sight. But really, you guys, shoo the pigeons away first, next time. That could have been bad…being hit by a falling pigeon…

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Seeking Fullness of Spirit


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that spiritual fullness is required to empower us to overcome the world.  “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” (Matthew 5:6)  

This is the scripture referenced by the message.  Here’s a direct quote from the message, that will links the message up with that scripture.  “Do not weigh your spirits down with the sins and sorrows of the world.  Only a Christ can do that and live.  Look for the loving, the true, the kindly, the brave in the many all around you.”  That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care, or care for the world around us.  First, we must know where to draw the line.  Medical personnel practice preventative hygiene and take preventative measures.  As ministers sent out to a sick and hurting world, we need to do the same thing.  Preventative hygiene for us is that looking for the loving, true, kindly, brave, etc.  We find that, not only in the people all around us, but also in the rest of God’s creation.  We find those things also in God’s Word, and in commune with Him through prayer and praise.  When we make this a daily practice, seeking in every place we find ourselves, we can have that spiritual fullness throughout the day.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Saturday Silly – May 18,2019


I don’t know if anybody else does this, but, sometimes when it’s been a very long day, my mind just kind of does its own thing.  The other night I was walking along to my spot.  It was late, and I was tired; very tired.  Anyway, I glanced up and happened to see this sign on a building: United Movement.

Immediately, Communal Outhouse comes to my mind.  I thought, “Now, can’t you just see that one? Four or five people on “the bench” in the outhouse; all at the same time…Oh, man!  You throw a good pot of chilli or some bad burritos into the mix…well, that sure would put a new spin on that thing they call “The Wave.”


Love you from Cafe du Mondeiu

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Saturday Silly – May 11, 2019


Isn’t the warm weather wonderful?!  Finally!  Time for shorts and bathing suits, etc.  I am feeling so strong; and the curves are finally going in the right direction again.  LOL!  I’ve had to be really disciplined about my diet and exercise, though.  I walk as much as I can.  My diet is pretty good, all things considered.  I mean, I remember the days when I ate fast food constantly, and really wasn’t exercising at all.

Let me tell you, that middle age spread was beginning to look like major property.  And gravity was sure beginning to take it’s toll, too.  Seriously, I felt like I needed a lift on both ends!  Even my husband was aware of it.  One day we were at the grocery store, and he kept running into me with the shopping cart from behind.  I finally asked him what the heck he was doing.  He replied, “I’m just trying to hold up my end, Dear.”

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo - May 5, federal holiday in Mexico. Fiesta banner

Said Maria to her “bimbo” girlfriend, “I’m so glad you accepted my invitation to the Cinco de Mayo festivities.  I’m sure you’re just going to love them.  The bimbo looked around for a few minutes and then spoke.  “Oh, my goodness!  All the great food, the Mariachis, some of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever seen!…”but where’e the dunking booth and the Mayor?”  Yeah, Maria’s mother looked at her son,  and shaking her head vigorously, said, “Eso no es para ti, hijo!”

May your day be blessed richly!

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Eden’s Quick Fix Springtime Salad


Yes, I did!  Mixed everything up right in the bag and had a feast!  I happened to catch some already prepared tomato and onion slices on sale.  How could I let that opportunity pass me by?  Enjoy!

Eden’s Favorite Quick Fix Springtime Salad

Your favorite Salad kit – sometimes you can pick these up at Smith’s for under 2 dollars.

2-5 ounce cans, or one large can, of tuna, chicken, or beef

1 Cup diced firm tomato

1 medium yellow or white onion, peeled and diced

1 Cup shredded Colby Jack cheese – or use your favorite

2 Cups seasoned croutons, your favorite seeds, or broken up chips for crunch

1 Cup diced celery –optional, but it gives the salad a nice lift

Half a lemon to squeeze over the salad-especially great on the tuna or chicken

Toss the meat into the salad kit, making sure to distribute evenly throughout.  Add the tomato, onion, celery, and cheese, tossing to distribute well throughout.  Squeeze the lemon over the salad and toss lightly.  Now add the dressing and toss lightly again.  Top with the croutons, seeds, or chips.  Enjoy.

I like to use Buffalo or Chipotle Ranch dressing for these.  You can also use Thousand Island or French dressing.  Raspberry Vinaigrette works well too.  * Skinny it up by thinning the creamy dressings with a little milk before adding them to the salad.

*Budget Saver:  In a pinch, you can use Buddig sliced meats.  Just roll the meat slices tightly and slice into thin ribbons.  Cubed leftover chicken or beef works well too.

Love you from Café du Mondieu

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