Saturday Silly – August 8, 2020


It’s been an interesting week news-wise, hasn’t it?  I read the other day that the NY State Attorney General is suing the NRA.  Yeah, she’s seeking its closure.  I was discussing this with a friend yesterday.  I told her I am definitely for the right to bear arms; and I’m sure glad our right to bear arms is guaranteed us by the second amendment in the Constitution.  One look at her face told me she was pretty serious about it too.  She said, “Oh, my God!  I didn’t know they had to get the government involved in that!  I’m so glad, too, though.  I’d die in this heat if I couldn’t wear tank tops!”   Yeah, she was serious about it, alright.  Now, where did I put that tank top?

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Staying In That Rest


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, bids us to come unto the Lord and rest…and to remain in that rest.  Quoting directly from the message: “Rest knows no fear.  Rest knows no want.  Rest is strong, sure.”

That tells me that when fear assails me, I must fight it.  When I feel lack of any kind, I must fight it.  I’m talking about lack within.  Lack of energy, lack of desire, lack of gratitude, etc.  Fear and lack go hand in hand.  “Rest is strong, sure.”  That means that I keep on keeping on, regardless of what it looks like, what someone says about it, what the general consensus may be, etc.  I stand on the Word of God.

No, we’re not to just go along lackidaisically.  But we don’t need to be immobilized by fear of anything.  We can be sure that God will provide, protect, lead, and guide us, etc.  We are to walk in that faith, not changing banners, but holding fast to the promises of God.  We are not moved, or motivated by fear.  We are held up, made strong, equipped by in the Word of God, and our faith in it.  The more readily we attack and fight fear and inner lack, the stronger faith becomes, and the more powerful the soul rest is.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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He Cannot Fail You


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that God has promised to provide all we need, every time we need, no matter what we need. (No, I’m not talking about that cold beer, the weed, speed, and what have you.  He will provide a way for you to free yourself from the bondage of those things, because He loves you, though.

The Bible tells us that all God’s promises are yes and amen.  The message tells us that Jesus, as our Lord, is sworn to protect and provide for us.  It took me some time to learn this lesson.  When we ask, it is promised that we will receive.  However, God uses many channels, God knows what we need most (Father knows best, you know).  God also has perfect timing.  When I figured that out I realized that I was, either not ready to handle what I was asking for, being averted from a disappointment or disaster, or I was looking in the wrong places for it.  Have you ever looked all over the house for your glasses, only to find them on your nose?  Yeah, that would be me, if I had to wear them all the time.

The message tells us that we need only a grateful spirit and loving heart to unlock the vastness of God’s provision.  I’m not just speaking of material needs.  I’m also, and especially speaking of spiritual needs.  I think those are even more critical to us, to our success in life.  If you’re spirit is lacking in any way, that lack manifests itself in every part of your life.  I’m not talking about religious things, here.  I’m talking about your confidence, your knowledge, your peace within, your tenacity, your joy and love-of you, of your life, and of life in general.

Sometimes I make a little list of things I’m grateful for.  I used to do that daily.  Now, I do it when I’m needing a little lift, or when it’s something special that touches me.  But, I do start my day with Thank you, Jesus.  I have found that the prayers for this or for that, have become fewer, and the supply-especially in spirit, has become greater and greater.  “And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you,
if you obey the voice of the LORD your God.  ” (Deuteronomy 28:22)

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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