Truly, There Is None Other

Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that there is no other name by which one can be saved. And, Jesus saves us every day. As I read the message, I thought about all the times my dad said, “Jesus!” -when something wasn’t going right. And then, it would go right. I’m stifling a giggle as I write this. I know He knew there’s a God; but I never saw him go to church except for christenings, weddings, and funerals.

We’re encouraged to say His Name often; and to speak it just out of love for Him, as well. I found out some time ago that when I speak Jesus’ Name, thinking about how much He loves me, and how much I love Him, everything within does change. There’s a peace that comes over me, the storm dissipates, and truly, I find myself on a rock that’s higher than the waves are.

Chris Tomlin does this song. It’s a great way to celebrate the Lord’s day. I hope it blesses you as much as it does me.

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Money, Honey


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that we are not to value money the way the world does.  We are to seek first, last, and always, the Kingdom of Heaven.  “…and all these things will be added unto you,” the scripture says.

The message bids us us to get away from money values altogether.  I think a better way to put it would be to say: Get away from valuing money altogether.  When I read that statement, I think of guys and their power tools, their cars, and stuff like that.  They almost worship them, don’t they?  Yeah, women do too.  I still drool every time I see a Lamborghini Countach.  We have to be careful not to let money rule over our senses and good judgment.  Money isn’t to be our master or god.

Unfortunately, money does answer everything, doesn’t it?  Yes, it pays the rent and bills, living expenses, etc.  But money, unless it is used according to God’s will and purposes, and for the sake of God’s glory, is actually just stuff under our feet that trips us up.  By that, I mean that it’s like rocks, pot-holes, brambles, etc.  Rocks get in your shoes and make your feet sore.  I hit a pot hole once, and thought I’d ripped the oil pan right off the car.  Brambles and burrs stick to your clothes and scratch your legs up.  See the hassles?

But when we use money according to God’s purposes-which are pavement, provisions, preparations, and presents…oh, the places we can go, the things we can do, the peace, power, and pleasantness of life we can provide.  Handling our money responsibly is part of God’s plan.  It’s part of good stewardship.  Good stewardship includes tithing and benevolence, planning for the future -we are to leave an inheritance for even our children’s children, and advancing the Kingdom of Heaven-making sure the Gospel is preached in all the corners of the Earth.

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Preparing the Soil


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that the ground must be readied before God can drop seed blessings into it.  I’m reminded of the parable Jesus told about the sower and the seed, and the different kinds of soil.

Prayer and praise does much to prepare the soil, or one’s heart.  That’s true whether it’s our own heart or someone else’s we’re trying to open to the Lord.  Then, I think about Abraham, too.  And before him, Noah.  These two men believed, and walked in obedience to their calling.  How many know that whenever God tells you to do something, that’s a calling?  Steadfastness, diligence, and discipline in faith and obedience to whatever God calls us to do, even in our daily living, also prepare the soil for blessing.  That soil can be a heart, a place, an upcoming event, etc.

It all happens in the Spirit/spirit.  When I think about that, I think about Jericho.  How many times did God have them march around that city…before the final time, and that shout?  Soil preparation is kind of a wind up or warm up for the actual game, in some ways.  The blessings come in the form of readiness, growth, maturity, confidence, fitness, or ability, peace, and joy, or excitement.  If you can’t get excited over what God’s called you to do, you better make sure it was Him who called you.  God not only gives us the desires of our hearts, He gives us the heart to desire good things.  Anytime God calls you to do something, you know it’s got to be a good thing.  You can’t help but get excited about it.

Finally, I think about tilling and weeding, and plowing a garden.  That readies the soil for the seeds.  I remember finding all kinds of things as we worked the ground.  People have found arrowheads, awesomely shaped rocks, old coins, wonderful little treasures.  One of the greatest treasures you can find in preparing the soil, or your heart, for God’s blessing, is yourself.  You might discover some wonderful things you never knew were in you.

Here’s a great song for today’s post:  Again, Third Day is the group to thank for this awesome song.

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Keepin’ It Peaceful Inside


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that peace within is worth every effort it takes to get it, and to keep it.  We are bid to stop everything until we’ve regained it.

Nothing of this world is worth losing yourself to.  Imagine your heart, mind, and soul to be made of glass.  Every time we let someone, or something destroy that inner peace, it’s as if they’ve thrown a rock through the glass and left a hole in it.  Pretty soon, the holes run into one another, and one day the whole thing just crumbles.

Inner peace is that peace with does pass all understanding.  It is, not only the peace between us and God, and the peace we have because of God.  It is also the peace we have with ourselves.  That one is really important because that’s where the weakness is.  That peace can be very, very fragile.  We guilt and shame and blame ourselves…sometimes over the silliest things, really.  We let others’ opinions disturb our peace, even to the point of it being destroyed completely.  There are a lot of people who have to check themselves into a mental hospital because someone has destroyed their inner peace.

This is where standards and boundaries come in.  This is where diligence comes in.  This is where steadfastness, or stubbornness comes in.  You not only have the right to define and protect your inner peace, you have a responsibility to.  One of the greatest things I learned from Jesus, is that very thing.  He drew the line, He walked the line, and He didn’t let anyone cross that line.  No, inner peace doesn’t mean you’ll never get mad or upset at, or over anyone or anything.  It means that no matter what’s going on, no matter how angry, upset, or overwhelmed you are, you know who and whose you are.  And you do the same thing Jesus did.  You draw the line, you walk the line, and you don’t let anyone cross that line.  You are a child of God Almighty, the Creator.  You are master over everything in the world that man must deal with.  It is not master over you, so, don’t allow it to master you.  When we learn this, it’s much easier to get up, dust yourself off, and keep going.  It’s also easier to stay on your feet in the first place.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Take Time For The Little Things


Praise God with me; the doctor found no disease in my arteries-which is awesome considering my diet at times, and the fact that I was a chain smoker for so many years.  Thank you, Father, for your unfathomable mercy and grace toward me!

Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that we rush, rush, rush, far too much.  We’re bid to “delay action in the little things until we get God’s guidance.”  We always run to Him when the waves are about to overwhelm us, but we really don’t even think much about Him in the little things of daily living.  It is those little things in our daily lives that empower abundant living, or living abundantly in love, peace, joy, laughter, power.

There are mornings when I have to ask Jesus to help me get up.  Then, there are mornings when the chirping of the birds wakes me, and I think God’s alarm clock really rocks!  Such a little thing, a bird, but so much joy they give me.  Have you ever looked closely at your table when there’s a little vase of flowers on it, or maybe just one budding rose?  It takes a minute or two more to set the table with flowers, candles, and the good dishes, but isn’t it worth it?  Aren’t you worth it?  C’mon, you know you are!  I learned the connection between these “little things” and the increases in peace, joy, love, laughter, powerful living.

I have to address those little nuisances and little glitches, etc., that pop up through the day.  I often have to remind myself I’m bigger than that person’s bad attitude or crabby mood.  -Well, not so much anymore as I used to’ I’m getting better.  My washer broke down once.  Not really a big thing, considering things like catastrophic illnesses, fatal accidents, and the like.  I had to take time out to get to the laundromat once a week for a couple of months.  It turned out to be an opportunity for me to spend a little extra time with my kids, and we had some great fun playing the one of the games at there.   When we stop and look to God for guidance in those moments, we’ll often find that mountain is really just a little ol’ molehill, after all.  And God always blesses us in awesome little ways, just for seeking Him.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Rock It!


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that we’re not to just be hearers of the Word, but also doers.

Quoting directly from the message:  “The secure, steadfast, immovable life of My disciples, the Rock Home, is not built at a wish, in a moment, but is laid, stone by stone, foundations, walls, roof, by the acts of obedience, the daily following out of My wishes, the loving doing of My will.”

When I first read that, I thought about how with the LORD one day is as a thousand years…I thought, “Oh, my God! That means I’ll be working at this all my life!”  Now I have to laugh, but back then, let me tell you about anxiety and depression.  Yeah, God said, “That’s the point, honey.  It’s a lifelong thing.”  But, that’s because once you get it, you realize how much more you  need to learn, and how little, really, you know.  I had one of those epiphanies this morning as I watched some of the folks that serve the homeless tirelessly, and with so much love.

If the daily following of His wishes and doing His will with love makes up the bricks, the stone, then keeping the peace in those storms that come is definitely the mortar.  And, as I think of that, I have to wonder how I could stand smiling, and even laughing, in the midst of the wildest winds and waves…and be completely undone by something like a little mouse.  Right?!  I can just see Jesus up there laughing and shaking His head.  Anyway, we don’t often see the beautiful handiwork on the walls of that rock fortress until some time after the stones have been laid.  But, oh, how beautiful when you can step back and see what God has done with your life…and with your heart.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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