Preparing the Soil


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that the ground must be readied before God can drop seed blessings into it.  I’m reminded of the parable Jesus told about the sower and the seed, and the different kinds of soil.

Prayer and praise does much to prepare the soil, or one’s heart.  That’s true whether it’s our own heart or someone else’s we’re trying to open to the Lord.  Then, I think about Abraham, too.  And before him, Noah.  These two men believed, and walked in obedience to their calling.  How many know that whenever God tells you to do something, that’s a calling?  Steadfastness, diligence, and discipline in faith and obedience to whatever God calls us to do, even in our daily living, also prepare the soil for blessing.  That soil can be a heart, a place, an upcoming event, etc.

It all happens in the Spirit/spirit.  When I think about that, I think about Jericho.  How many times did God have them march around that city…before the final time, and that shout?  Soil preparation is kind of a wind up or warm up for the actual game, in some ways.  The blessings come in the form of readiness, growth, maturity, confidence, fitness, or ability, peace, and joy, or excitement.  If you can’t get excited over what God’s called you to do, you better make sure it was Him who called you.  God not only gives us the desires of our hearts, He gives us the heart to desire good things.  Anytime God calls you to do something, you know it’s got to be a good thing.  You can’t help but get excited about it.

Finally, I think about tilling and weeding, and plowing a garden.  That readies the soil for the seeds.  I remember finding all kinds of things as we worked the ground.  People have found arrowheads, awesomely shaped rocks, old coins, wonderful little treasures.  One of the greatest treasures you can find in preparing the soil, or your heart, for God’s blessing, is yourself.  You might discover some wonderful things you never knew were in you.

Here’s a great song for today’s post:  Again, Third Day is the group to thank for this awesome song.

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The Reward of Faith


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that faith is, indeed, rewarded.  Abraham, by faith, believed God, and did become a father.  Moses’ faith is also cited.  Their faith was the reward, or at least, part of it, because it is what kept them going.  It is what strengthened them and their resolve.  And, in turn, those (strength and resolve, determination) strengthened their faith.  I want to go with Abraham’s faith.

Abraham’s faith was counted unto him, by God, as righteousness.  Quoting from Dictionary, here are some of the definitions I found:  goodness, virtue, uprightness, decency, integrity, worthiness, high-mindedness, nobility, noble mindedness.  Yes, there are also those like: sinless, innocence, piety, and morality.

The ones I want to focus on are the ones in Italics.  They are the ones that strengthen and empower faith.  They make faith it’s own reward.  They have to do with so much more than piety, being sinless, with innocence and morality.  Piety, innocence, and morality are seeds sown to Heaven and to our own spirits.

The list in italics are seeds that empower faith, not only in our own lives, but the lives of those with whom we have contact.  They can influence and change lives.  They are sown to Heaven through our doing and giving involving other lives.  They are also sown to our own spirits, as well; empowering our own faith and spiritual growth and maturity.  It’s a little like the feeding of the thousands by Jesus.  You put it in His hands, believing Him, and thousands are fed…with plenty left over.  Faith multiplied and magnified is the reward of faith.  We have then, not only more seed to sow, but much stronger crop, and better fruit…greater harvests.

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