Saturday Silly – July 11, 2020


“Oh, kiss my hiney, Brian; stop making fun of me” the seven year old shot at her older brother.  Mom, upon hearing this, stepped in.  “Leona, is that any way to talk to your brother,” she asked.  “Didn’t Jesus tell us to turn the other cheek, dear?”  To which the  precocious little darling replied, “Yes, but He didn’t say which one!”

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Saturday Silly – July 4, 2020



They were married 55 years ago on the Fourth of July.   She tells us that when they met, she was a showgirl and he swept her right off her feet.  He says they got married on the fourth of July so they could always say there were fireworks on their wedding night.  “But, after 55 years of marriage,” says he, “all I get nowadays is the Rockette’s red glare.”

Have a beautiful day!

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Saturday Silly – October 12, 2019


…My version of that Tyrol hat…Oktoberfest has been in full swing for a couple of weeks now.  Here’s something you may not know.  Oktoberfest was originally a wedding celebration.  It was the day that Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria (he later became King Ludwig the First), and Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen were married-October 12, 1810.  The celebration lasted several days, actually; and then became Oktoberfest, as the people loved it so much.  Now, it’s celebrated all around the world.  So, do you know what happened to the three little ghosties who stayed too long at Oktoberfest?  They were three sheets to the wind.  Ha!  I couldn’t resist!

I thought I would share one of my favorite German folk dances with you, as a way of kicking of Oktoberfest…and sharing a little bit of my heritage with you.  This dance is called the Schuhplatter.   I’m not sure if this was competition, or just exhibition, but these gentlemen are awesome!  Then, I wanted to share with you, this other German folk dance, done by couples.  After you watch it, you’ll know where the term, “dizzy blond” originated.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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Saturday Silly – October 5, 2019


Dad had been gone all week on his sales trip.  He arrived home bright and early Saturday morning.   The kids were all in the living room watching television, but Mom was nowhere in the vicinity.  “Where’s your mother,” asked Dad.  “The poor battered woman is in the bathroom cleaning herself and the two year old up,” answered Stephanie, the oldest of the children.  “Battered woman?  What? What are you talking about, Stephanie?  Did something happen to Mom,”asked Dad, now alarmed.  “I’ll say,” said Tommy, the second oldest child.  “Little Mike got so excited about pancakes for breakfast, he grabbed the bowl of batter, and threw it up in the air.  He got batter all over himself and Mom.”  Isn’t motherhood awesome?!  I think so; and I mean that with all my heart.  LOL

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Please encourage a survivor, and let a victim know she’s not alone, or, that he’s not alone.  Please light a candle for all the victims who did not survive, but lost their lives to this.  Thank you to all those who stood beside me.  I am eternally in your debt, and eternally grateful for your help. From a survivor … Yes, you will laugh again, my dear…keep fighting!  You’re not alone.

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Saturday Silly – September 28, 2019


Aunt Irma helped me with some writing I had to do today.  I was actually working on two projects at the same time.  One was a Bible Study, and the other was a little fill-in Trivia Quiz worksheet for the Red Hat Ladies from Aunt Irma’s Senior Center.  Aunt Irma offered to edit them for me, as I had a last minute errand that came up.  I didn’t realize she was entertaining RuthAnne’s grandchildren this afternoon.  Ruthanne is Aunt Irma’s BFF, and her grandchildren are little monkeys.  That’s putting it mildly; and nicely. Those little Mennesses!  That’s their last name.  Fitting, I think.   I left the key under the doormat and went off to do my errand.  This is how the two projects came out:

The twelve disciples were: Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo, and Curly, Peter, Paul, and Mary, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Puff the Magic Dragon.                                                                What folk-song did Peter, Paul, and Mary sing in the days of Noah?  “If I Had A Hammer.”                                                                                                                                                      How did Jesus know the two coins would be found in that fish:  He was the Son of God.  Only the Son of God would have known they fell out of Jonah’s pocket when that whale swallowed him.  The fish must have been in there too, and ate them.                         Where did Puff the Magic Dragon live:   By the Sea of Galilee.  He was the reason Jesus liked to walk on water.  Puff kept it nice and warm, so it was like a foot bath…                  Who did Peter heal from being lame?  Meenie; he’d been lame ever since he broke his leg when he went to kick Balaam’s donkey and accidentally kicked the cartwheel.  (Not the gymnastic kind-the one that’s round and rolls)

I arrived home to find the two kids and Aunt Irma working, like busy little beavers, on my two projects…Oh, Aunt Irma!  Thank God I don’t need these until Saturday…and it’s only Wednesday evening.  Hmm…Does anybody have any spiked Holy Water?  Help!

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The Other Version


So, I there I was, in the ladies room at the courthouse, when I heard this lady singing, what I thought, at first, was Blessed Assurance.  But she sang, “Triple insurance, the Countach is mine…I’m a rich woman, because you crossed the line…I got your mansion, the boat, and the car…Oh, thank you, Jesus, it’s been a good day so far…”  I almost laughed out loud, but I managed not too.

I don’t think she knew I was in there, because she went on to pray.  “Thank you, Lord, for blessing me so richly today.  But, Lord, when you said blessings would overtake me, I sure didn’t think you meant that guy would almost run right over the top of me in that intersection.  I’m just glad I had the car in park, or I might have rear ended someone too.  I almost choked on my handbag!  It was the only thing I could find to stuff in my mouth, so she wouldn’t hear me laughing.  OMG!!!!!

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Saturday Silly – September 21, 2019


“I’m going to sue you to death,” said the woman to the guy who’d just rear ended her.  “When I finish with you, I’ll have your mansion, your boat, and that Lamborghini Countach!”  The man, a prominent attorney, and the woman’s ex-husband, shook his head in disbelief.  “We’ll see about that,” he replied.  “You aren’t getting one more red cent out of me!”

The police officer stepped in between the two and said, “Now listen, you both need to calm down so I can take your statements, and get the reports done. You, first, Maam.  Tell me what happened.”  “Well,” replied the woman, here I was waiting for the light to turn green, when he came roaring up from behind me, crossed over into my lane, and just smashed right into me!”  The police officer said, “that must have been scary, to get rear ended like that.”  “You bet it was,” replied the woman.  “I’m just glad I had the car in park, or I might have gone right into the intersection and hit somebody too.”  “Like I said,” said the woman’s ex-husband, “You’re not getting one more red cent out of me!”

I was walking along and I started singing this silly song about a Countach, and the next thing you know, I had this Saturday Silly for you.

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Saturday Silly – September 7, 2019


My, my, my!  Lot of things to celebrate in September.  Two of my babies were born in September; one at the beginning of the month, and one at the end of it. The first Miss America, Margaret Gorman, was crowned in New Jersey, on September 7, 1921.  Among other things, this is Chicken month, and Self-improvement month.  And, September 7th is the great Buddy Holly’s birthday.

Those of you who know me, know that I like to streamline, so often I combine tasks into one smooth operation.  That’s what I did with this bit of information.  For my self-improvement project, I started working out to get rid of those chicken wings on my arms.  I happen to be a Buddy Holly fan.  So, I was doing my workout to “Oh, Boy,” one of his hits.  Now, being homeless, I don’t have any dumbbells to work out with.  Well, not the kind you lift, anyway.  Anyway, I do carry a couple of bags that contain my water and stuff.  So, here I was, listening to Buddy Holly, and working those arms.

The trouble started when I got to the exercise where you’re reaching behind you with the weights.  The very first rep I did, I reached behind me, bags in hand, and some guy snatched one of my bags and ran off with it.  One of the guys at Catholic Charities tried to chase him down, but couldn’t catch him.  He gave up and came back to where I was standing.  He asked, “What were you thinking, anyway?  What were you doing, lady?”  I said, “I was trying to exercise my arms so I can keep them firm.  Older women like to look sexy too, you know.”  He broke out in the chorus of, “That’ll be the day.”  LOL  ** This is a work of fiction.  I’d never have let either one of those guys get away with that in real life.  LOL

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Saturday Silly – August 31, 2019


A friend of mine has a daughter who just got her first apartment.  Her daughter insisted on looking for and choosing her own place, without any help or “input” from mom and dad.  My friends said that her daughter checked into about 50 places before she finally found the apartment she wanted.  She said her daughter sent her this picture from the pool nearby.  Thanking God this place is not in Las Vegas…LOL


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Saturday Silly – August 24, 2019


I was having a little talk with the Lord yesterday, about some things that were on my mind.  I mean, sometimes I really have to wonder, you know?

God is supposed to be omniscient; all-knowing.  Well, then I really have to wonder, God, what were you thinking when you gave whoever that person was, the idea for sports bras?!  Good Heavens!  I just know my girls are plotting murder!  After having them in that thing all day, I’ll have to be afraid to go to sleep tonight.  God!  You had to see that coming, right?!  What were you thinking????

I was telling a friend of mine this stuff.  Boy, I thought I was a little flaky sometimes.  When I told her about my sports bra ordeal…getting into that thing, then getting back out of it…I thought we were going to the Olympics when I saw my breasts looked like two Shot Put discuses.  I thought to myself, “you know, God, if I could throw that far…guess what I’d be aiming at!”  Yeah, that person that invented these things!  Anyway, she said to me, “You know, that makes me wonder about something, too!  I mean, what was God thinking when He put hair on women’s legs?!  You know He knew we’re just going to shave it all off!  I mean, what woman wants to be a Clydesdale?!”  “Yep,” I thought, “dear God, what were you thinking?!”

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