You’re The Pearl

Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that we are works in progress. We are bid to cultivate ourselves. This message really came home to me when I began to journal, and discover all the little joys I treasured, and all the ways in which I could incorporate them into my daily living. They were the gifts and talents God had hidden within me. I really advocate journaling to stimulate creativity; and to establish self dialog and connection with your spirit/soul. So many ideas begin to flow, so much inner conflict can be resolved, and a much better understanding and relationship with the real you can come about.

When I read the message, I think about Jesus’ words about the pearls of great value. (Matt. 13:45-46) “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.” We are the one fine pearl of great value that Jesus found. Actually, He’s had us since the beginning. But He had to sell all that he had, or give up all of His heavenly splendor, to buy us back from the powers of darkness. That is, to buy our birthright back, and restore us to the family of God. (1 Cor. 6:20) (Isa. 44:22) (1 Cor. 7:23) (1 Peter 1:18-19)

When we begin to look within (which journaling helps us to do) and see ourselves as God sees us, we can begin to find all kinds of precious pearls (talents, gifts, knacks, etc.). The more of these we find, the greater the field becomes. We are both pearl, and field.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Naturally, A Little Laughter…

Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that nature is filled with healing power for us.

I don’t think I’ve posted this story before; although I’ve told it at least a hundred times. When I lived “out in the country,” I had a beautiful little Border Collie. Emma was her name. She actually was the kids’ dog, but she and I were kind of like Thelma and Louise. She was beyond spoiled.

One day, I had two five gallon jugs of water in my car when I came home. I opened the back door of the car, took the two jugs out, and headed for the house. I’d left the back door of the car open; I guess I just wasn’t thinking. Anyway, I set the two jugs down on the porch so I could unlock and open the front door.

I no sooner opened the door, and Emma rushed past me. She ran right to the car, and jumped into the back seat. I took the jugs into the house and headed back out to the car. Try as I may, I got nowhere with her. Emma refused to get out of the car. She was bound and determined to go for a ride. Finally, I shut the car door, and got in the driver’s seat. I started the car, backed out of the driveway, and pulled right back in. (I didn’t have the gas to drive around; I needed it to get to work) I shut off the motor, got out, and opened the back door for Emma…who promptly got out of the car, tail as high as she could hold it and wagging triumphantly, and -I swear-this hilarious self satisfied smile on her face. I almost doubled over laughing!

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Saturday Silly – July 18, 2020


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, bids us to walk humbly with our God…which had me reminiscing about a little reminder God gave me about that.

I’d spent a few hours in the park that day.  I needed to use the restroom before I left, so I did.  As there were no paper seat protectors, I took some toilet paper and laid it on the toilet seat.  I was more than a little disgruntled.  I thought to myself, “Now why can’t they budget to provide the seat covers in the park restrooms?” I finished by business, but, as I got up,  I lost the toilet paper that I’d put on the seat.   It wasn’t there.  I finally figured it just fell into the toilet.  I flushed the toilet and headed out of the stall.

Now, there’s an apartment complex adjacent to the park.  As I was strolling by on my way “home,” this nice little lady pointed out to me that I had toilet paper hanging out of the back of my shorts.   It’s a good thing stuff like that makes me laugh.  And, laugh I did.  See; and some of you think God lets me get away with stuff.  LOL

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Just Don’t Let Go Of His Hand


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that God knows where both you and He are going.  We’re told that God does indeed guide us.  But, He guides us with His eye; not ours.

Whenever I read this message, I think about being a little girl and walking with my uncle.  I didn’t know my way around town.  He did.  I didn’t even know the street names, or which shortcuts got us where faster.  He did.  And then, there were those days out with my grandmother.  I had no clue what all we had to get done before we went home.  She did.  She had the route and all the stops planned out; even a stop for a favorite treat once in  awhile.  This is what it’s like to walk with God.  He knows so much better than we do.  He’s known the end from the beginning, including all the changes in between.  One thing I was always sure of when I went out about town with my uncle or my grandmother.  I knew I was loved, protected, and in great company!  God loves you! So, just don’t let go of His hand.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Fear Not! Rather, Take My Heart!


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that fear is a real temptation; an unclean spirit, actually.  We are bid to attack it with the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God.

As I’m studying about generational curses, this particular thing comes to the forefront time and time again.  As children, we fear the reproach of our parents, the rejection of our friends and peers, we fear things we don’t understand.  Then, depending on the parenting we had, the environment(s) we grew up in (addiction, co-dependency, abuse, etc.), that spirit of fear drives us.  We fear failure, fear emotional attachment, fear loss of control, and so many other things.  Sometimes, fear can actually cripple us.  There are people who actually cannot leave their homes and go outside, because they are so overwhelmed by fear.

As we learn to change the words we’ve heard and the ways we’ve handled things, and replace them with God’s Words and His ways, we can overcome those fears.  When we’re dealing with our children, doing this changes the entire scenario for that child.  Now, instead of creating a fearful and hesitant person, we are empowering a person with self-esteem and a sense of personal power over his/her world.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Saturday Silly – October 5, 2019


Dad had been gone all week on his sales trip.  He arrived home bright and early Saturday morning.   The kids were all in the living room watching television, but Mom was nowhere in the vicinity.  “Where’s your mother,” asked Dad.  “The poor battered woman is in the bathroom cleaning herself and the two year old up,” answered Stephanie, the oldest of the children.  “Battered woman?  What? What are you talking about, Stephanie?  Did something happen to Mom,”asked Dad, now alarmed.  “I’ll say,” said Tommy, the second oldest child.  “Little Mike got so excited about pancakes for breakfast, he grabbed the bowl of batter, and threw it up in the air.  He got batter all over himself and Mom.”  Isn’t motherhood awesome?!  I think so; and I mean that with all my heart.  LOL

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Please encourage a survivor, and let a victim know she’s not alone, or, that he’s not alone.  Please light a candle for all the victims who did not survive, but lost their lives to this.  Thank you to all those who stood beside me.  I am eternally in your debt, and eternally grateful for your help. From a survivor … Yes, you will laugh again, my dear…keep fighting!  You’re not alone.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Blessed Assurance Is That Peace


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that we are to seek peace; to pursue it.  We are told that blessed assurance, that calm, knowing that God is God, is what brings about true success.  Only when we attain this calm, can true work be done, and body, mind, and soul be strengthened to achieve the victory.

Isaiah 32:17 tells us that “The work of righteousness will be peace, And the effect of righteousness, quietness and assurance forever.” (NKJV)  This tells me that my work, as a child of God, is to seek peace in everything.  It is to bring peace to all situations; inner peace and peace round about.  This peace-making, bringing, and keeping, is righteousness.  (Matt. 5:9) -“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God.”  This assurance is the result of a deep trust and certainty in God’s love, His promises, and His Word.  This is that calm, the peace, that we need to fight for.  This is the peace we must protect, at all costs.  By that, I mean, sometimes you need to walk away from things, or even people, if they are destroying peace in your home, your life, your heart.  I don’t mean just one or two events.  I’m talking about someone who chooses this havoc wreaking as a way of life.  That’s a coat you need to take off so you don’t drown in the pool kind of thing.

When we strive to bring about peace within, we are better equipped to establish and maintain peace in our surroundings, our relationships, our daily living.  That’s why the commandment says, love your neighbor as yourself.  It’s you first, then your neighbor and all else follows…often without struggle.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Saturday Silly – September 28, 2019


Aunt Irma helped me with some writing I had to do today.  I was actually working on two projects at the same time.  One was a Bible Study, and the other was a little fill-in Trivia Quiz worksheet for the Red Hat Ladies from Aunt Irma’s Senior Center.  Aunt Irma offered to edit them for me, as I had a last minute errand that came up.  I didn’t realize she was entertaining RuthAnne’s grandchildren this afternoon.  Ruthanne is Aunt Irma’s BFF, and her grandchildren are little monkeys.  That’s putting it mildly; and nicely. Those little Mennesses!  That’s their last name.  Fitting, I think.   I left the key under the doormat and went off to do my errand.  This is how the two projects came out:

The twelve disciples were: Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo, and Curly, Peter, Paul, and Mary, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Puff the Magic Dragon.                                                                What folk-song did Peter, Paul, and Mary sing in the days of Noah?  “If I Had A Hammer.”                                                                                                                                                      How did Jesus know the two coins would be found in that fish:  He was the Son of God.  Only the Son of God would have known they fell out of Jonah’s pocket when that whale swallowed him.  The fish must have been in there too, and ate them.                         Where did Puff the Magic Dragon live:   By the Sea of Galilee.  He was the reason Jesus liked to walk on water.  Puff kept it nice and warm, so it was like a foot bath…                  Who did Peter heal from being lame?  Meenie; he’d been lame ever since he broke his leg when he went to kick Balaam’s donkey and accidentally kicked the cartwheel.  (Not the gymnastic kind-the one that’s round and rolls)

I arrived home to find the two kids and Aunt Irma working, like busy little beavers, on my two projects…Oh, Aunt Irma!  Thank God I don’t need these until Saturday…and it’s only Wednesday evening.  Hmm…Does anybody have any spiked Holy Water?  Help!

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Practicing The Presence Of It


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that God is a good God.  He is also eager to share His Goodness, and all good things, with us.  We are bid to taste and trust that goodness, and to hold fast to it, even in times of trouble.

When I read about God sharing His Goodness with us, I think about things like the fruits of the Spirit-because God is Spirit.  I also think about His love for us.  He gave His only begotten Son to save us.  That’s a pretty extravagant gift; don’t you think?

So, in order for me to experience and grow in trust, or faith, and intimacy with God, I must practice the presence of His Goodness.  I must receive it within myself; cultivate it in my life, my home, my relationships, etc.

That means, first, I recognize that I am worth dying for.  I am worthy of the best.  That means I will make good choices for myself, I’ll go the extra mile-(put that vase of flowers on the dinner table, or light that candle, etc.).  I will also be deliberate about creating my spaces, my surroundings, when possible.  Look at the way God created the planet, the Garden of Eden, etc.  The Bible says God devises ways to restore us to Himself.  That’s a clue on how we ought to view our relationships with one another.  We’re also told that God blesses us richly, and adds no sorrow to it.  (Proverbs 10:22)  -“The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, without painful toil for it.”  I like the Berean Study Bible version; it says the blessing of the LORD “enriches…”

When we seek to enrich our daily living experiences, even something like just a meal, we can turn it into a feast for the soul.  God seeks those who worship Him to worship in spirit and in truth.  It stands to reason then, that God would love to enrich our soul, our spirit.  When we seek to do the same to others, life takes on a much more beautiful hue.  As we practice the goodness of God within, and bring it out around us, trust that God’s Goodness is always present becomes solidified.  Before you know it, nothing can shake it.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Start Where You Dwell


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, bids us to dwell in the secret place of God’s Shadow, or Spirit.  I’ve written before, about entering into that place through praise and worship.  I’ve written about making time to spend time alone with God.  The message bids us to make that dwelling place our home; and not to merely visit there fitfully, when it all gets to be too much for us.  “Dwell there,” we’re told.

Some years ago, I made the connection between the dwelling place of God’s Presence, and my own dwelling place.  There’s a place in the book (God Calling), that talks about homemaking in the spirit.  Jesus said, “the kingdom of Heaven is upon, or within you.”  That means God’s there.  So, how do we translate that into daily living?  We do that by homemaking for our spirit, and our soul…This message ties in well with the one about cultivating ourselves.

Part of cultivating ourselves, is tapping into our creativity, embracing our loves, likes, passions, and joys.  It involves managing our dislikes, and eliminating all sources of discord.  This works at home, at work, at church, in personal schedules,etc.  However, we’re talking about home.  When I think about that, I remember when I had to settle for freebies, bargain basement, mismatched, eclectic stuff.  Not that I wasn’t grateful; but, oh, the difference in emotional ease and joyousness of spirit, mind, and soul, when you get to purposefully pick and choose.  You get to choose; you’re the designer.  You are the creator of your sacred space.  This is the place where your body, mind, heart, spirit, and soul dwell.  Do you know there’s a difference between a dwelling and a residence?

To dwell suggests being connected, being a life-force in that place.  It suggests a warmth, and a joyful habitation.  It’s where we stop, stay, rest, linger, live, abide.  To reside suggests a mere being there, without a real connection, or warmth.  There’s really no life-force or joyful habitation.  No engagement with or in the place.  It is what we occupy, are placed, are found, and, are situated.  Can you see, and feel, the difference?  The bottom line, is that your surroundings affect your spirit, mind, and soul; and your heart, as well.  After you design, or create, your sacred space, the chores, the schedules, all the daily living issues, etc., need to be addressed, so all discord is eliminated or brought to a bare minimum.  What a wonderful difference, to walk into a welcoming home that wraps you in everything you love.  How wonderful to feel the peace settle over you as you enter.  Your home is sacred space.  Be purposeful, be deliberate when you create it.  You’ll soon find that God’s Presence dwells there with you.  What you surround yourself with will be absorbed by your heart, mind, and soul.  Let it be God’s Presence.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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