He’s the Fountain of Youth


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that God’s hand keeps us in, and through all things.  When I read this, I think about the fourth man in the furnace with the three; Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo. (Daniel 3:25)

I also think about the disciples in the storm, with Jesus right there in the boat.  I wonder how much we really age when we live depressed, anxious and worried, angry, and in all those other negative mindsets.  I know that stress can cause all kinds of illnesses, and wreak havoc with our health.  Spiritually, and emotionally, it can cause us to do a great deal of damage to ourselves.

Here’s a quote directly from the message: “There is no age in Eternal Life.  Have no pity for yourself, nothing but joy and gratitude.”   Does that give you some idea of how soon you should be measuring yourself up?  Does it speak to you of God’s patience with us?  it spoke volumes to me, of God’s confidence in me.  Do you know He believes in you?  Yes, He does!  You say, “But how can i be joyful and grateful when I fail?”  Well, look at it from God’s vantage point:  It isn’t perfect yet, so this is an opportunity to make it so.

Here’s the other part.  I love this one!  I’ll be sixty years old this year.  I do have a chronic health problem; Systemic Inflammatory Disorder.  It’s aggravated by stress-both physical and emotional stress.  Guess what I’ve learned to do as a result of this illness.  I have learned how to manage stress better.  I’ve also learned to cultivate healthier eating habits, healthier lifestyle choices, and most importantly, I’ve learned that self care is important.  I have a great deal to be grateful for, and joyful about.  I have been able, for the most part, to get it to go back into remission, and keep it there for pretty long periods of time, when it has flared.  I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself; I’m too busy enjoying the health I’ve gotten back and kept.

I think, especially for us women, that self care ends up on the back burner all too often.  We have husbands, children, family members, friends…to care for…and to distract us from those things within self that we really don’t want to deal with at times, don’t we?  Yes, oh yes, I’ve been there myself.  Here’s a secret:  When you get diligent about your self care, you’ll find the fountain of youth.  Yes, you’ll still wrinkle, you’ll still fight the battle of the bulge, you may even get a little stooped or bowed over, and your stride may lessen in length and strength.  But, you will always be the very best you can be in spite of all those things.  You see, you’ll be living from the inside out, which is the right way.  Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of Heaven.”  Well, He also said, “The kingdom of Heaven is upon you, or within you.”  When we get this all aligned like it needs to be, we truly can take joy and be grateful for all we have, and for all we are…no matter what we have, or what we are.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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The Sea Will Part For You-Trust Him


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that we need to cling to the Lord/LORD, much the way a child clings to his or her parents.  The closeness that one thinks about when you think of a clinging child, is arms wrapped around your neck and body snuggled as closely to your own as possible.  Can you imagine clinging like that to the Lord?  It is exactly that, that is meant.  But we are not to cling fearfully or as if we were helpless.

We are to cling in intimacy and trust, or confidence; as two being one. This message goes hand in hand with Saturday’s message about having confidence that the Red Sea-whatever it may be for your or me, will surely part when we reach it.  We’re not to even think about it until we get there.  Once we’re standing on its shores, we are promised passage through the parted sea, and on into our promised land.  That’s the reason we must cling so closely that we move as one being.  This is where we find our strength, our courage, our peace, and our power.

Whether it is a month of total chaos, day after day, or a battle with weight, anxiety, depression, etc., or some health crisis that represents your Red Sea…God leads us by a cloud during the days, and a pillar of fire by night to show us the way we should go.  That tells me that I’m going to survive the heat.  It tells me also, that nothing can obscure the path in front of me, or stop me from getting to my promised land.  The chaos will not prevail, but order will be restored.  I will not lose the battle of the bulge.  I will not be afraid.  I will not be immobilized by fear, anger, or doubt-but I will have strength to rise and praise the Lord upon rising!  I will overcome and win the battles; because the Lord and I are as one.  I move in Him, and He moves in me.  This, by the way works one dependent on the other.  When I move in Him, He is more able to move in me.  As He moves in me, the more able I am to move in Him.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Patience, Indeed, It’s Divine


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that we must be as disciplined about developing and practicing patience as we are about everything else.

We’re told that we must also be patient with ourselves.  Sometimes that’s a hard thing, isn’t it?  I often got frustrated with myself if it didn’t go right, or I wasn’t getting it done as quickly as I wanted to.  I have learned patience.  I have to admit that it felt so very strange to just put it up and walk away for a minute or the rest of the day, and feel perfectly o.k. about it.

I’ve also gotten quite a bit better at not setting myself up to be frustrated.  By that I mean that if I know the line’s going to be a long one, I will make a point of arriving later so I won’t have to wait so long.  I think that’s part of cultivating patience; good planning to accommodate that Murphy’s Law thing.

It certainly does help to kind of take an inventory of the things that frustrate you, and make some little tweaks to routine and such, in order to be less frustrated.  Patience is empowered by foresight, I think.  As for those unforeseen events…the person in front of you who is walking very slowly because he/she is disabled, the new checkout clerk who’s still learning, even the surly guy in the breakfast line with the bad attitude…well, that’s when you have to step back and let your Jesus out.  He’s the compassionate one at 7:30 a.m. when I’m still waiting for my coffee.  Thankfully, He’s usually right on time with the mercy and grace in those situations.

When we put all these things together, it’s easier to cultivate and manifest patience in our daily lives.  It’s well worth the effort, and oh, some of the best laughs I’ve had came from being patient in a situation.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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His Presence & It’s Promises Are Enough


today’s message from God Calling – A.J> Russell, reminds us that just as the mere presence of a loved one is enough in any adversity, so is the presence of our Lord enough, no matter what you’re going through.  Know that you’re going through; and He’s right there with you.

I wrote this in my post a few days ago, and it fits this message as well.  “No, things aren’t always blissful.  But knowing that mate loves you and you love him/her enough to work things out, to see things through, etc., is bliss. ”  Knowing that God loves us that much, and He does, brings peace and joy welling up within, in any and every storm.  If it doesn’t, get back into His Word, praise Him, and get that back into your spirit until it does.  In quietness and trust is where you’ll find your strength.  If you don’t have peace and joy in the storm, the forces of darkness are robbing you of your strength.  You need to refuel.

God will never leave us or forsake us.  Sometimes it might seem like He’s a million miles away from you in the midst of your storm.  But I promise when the storm ceases, and the sun shines again, you’ll look back and see right where He was the whole time.  He’s got the wheel, every minute, in every storm.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Life Cannot Be A Failure


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that we have the right to claim God’s power.  We have the same authority here that He has, thanks to Jesus.  We’re bid to lay claim to all that is ours in His Name.  We’re also reminded that walking in authority, and wielding the kind of power-also known as faith-requires discipline.  That’s where the stop, drop, and get back up with the right attitude comes in.  Stop that doubt, fear, or what have you in it’s tracks.  Drop everything and get back into authority.  When you get back into your authority, you will find, and manifest, the right attitude.

There’s a statement in the message: “You are feeling you have learnt so much that life cannot be a failure.  That is right, but others have to wait to see the outward manifestation in your lives before they realize this Spiritual Truth.”  I want to focus on “life cannot be a failure.”  Ladies and Gentlemen, Jesus Christ is the truth, the life, and the way to both.  I don’t care where you’ve been-it was for a purpose.  I don’t care what happened to you-it was for a purpose.  I don’t care how many times you’ve blown it -it was for a purpose.  God took dirt and made a man; and brought him to life.  He can surely use your dirt, don’t you think?  Yes, and He can make a man, or woman, out of that. Look what He did with that woman at the well!  How many people became believers because of her?

Remember Jesus rose and was glorified.  In the resurrection, we will rise in glorified bodies.  But resurrection isn’t just for then.  Resurrection is for today; for right this minute, if you need it.  LIFE CANNOT BE A FAILURE-your life can be a failure as long as you don’t give up.  You have to seek the life within the death you’re experiencing.  It’s there because God is in all and is all.  God was in Christ’s death; His power resurrected Him.  He’s in every death you may experience in your life.  How many people were saved through Jesus’ death?  Any and all that believe in Him.  Everything you’ve been through has the power to bring life to others when you allow God to use it.  Right where you’re at right now, just determine to find the life in it, and let God bring you through it.  Then, let Him use it to help someone else through you.  Your life was ordained to be eternal, and eternally powerful, life filled, beautiful!  PS -Yes, Maam, yes Sir, I am speaking from personal experience.  And I thank God every day for it all!

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Little Things Can Cause Big Falls


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us not to sweat the little things.  However,  we also need to deal with some of  them immediately.

I learned this lesson from a little Lego piece.  It was on the living room floor; one of the boys must have dropped it or forgotten it.  I saw it, didn’t really sweat it though.  I kept right on going, on my way to the kitchen to get my cup of coffee.  Everyone was off to school and the morning rush was over.  While I was in the kitchen, the phone rang.  I had a ten minute conversation with a neighbor, refilled my coffee cup, and headed back into the living room to enjoy the peace and quiet.  Sure enough, that Lego found its way right under my left foot.  After I cleaned up the puddle of coffee on the floor, and changed my coffee soaked shirt, I laughed at myself.  If I had just picked up that Lego right away when I saw it…LOL

The message tells us that it isn’t the little things that get to us.  It is when we allow them to grow, to accumulate-(every day it’s like this!), and to build in intensity until we blow, that they cause problems.  Sometimes the damages are pretty severe.  People have divorced after 20 years of marriage because somebody let all the little things build up.  Had they dealt with them immediately and worked out solutions, they might have made it to 75 years of married bliss.  No, things aren’t always blissful.  But knowing that mate loves you and you love him/her enough to work things out, to see things through, etc., is bliss.  For better or worse means even when things are as bad as they can be, or seem to be, we still love one another and fight for each other rather than against each other.  Work relationships work the same way.  The team is what counts.  The whole unit is affected by the little things that are allowed to build until the blow up causes a collapse.

Personal meltdowns happen the same way.  When we don’t deal with the little things that irritate us, or are stumbling blocks or barriers to us, we end up collapsing under the weight of them when they’ve built up to unmanageable size.  Things that irritate us do so sometimes because of our perception or expectation.  These can become stumbling blocks and/or barriers to us.  Sometimes, a fall over one of these can cause quite a bit of damage.  Just that one little cheeseburger because I’m angry and frustrated, is a good example.  It’s just one little cheeseburger…but how often am I angry and frustrated?  And pretty soon, you’re on a merry-go-round with the cheeseburger, the anger, and the frustration.  And, of course, now I’m angry because I’ve eaten that cheeseburger, and frustrated about my weight and my lack of will power…You’re shackled to all three because each one supports the others.  Now, it’s a big thing, and it’s overwhelming you.  That’s a good incentive to be very honest with oneself.  I absolutely hated having to be that honest with myself back in the day. My toughest little big things were in some of my relationships, and the alcohol.   But, and thank you, Jesus, I’ve learned to pick that Lego up right when I see it on the floor.  I’m much happier because I have much more peace within, and confidence about my ability to cope with life.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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