Saturday Silly – July 18, 2020


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, bids us to walk humbly with our God…which had me reminiscing about a little reminder God gave me about that.

I’d spent a few hours in the park that day.  I needed to use the restroom before I left, so I did.  As there were no paper seat protectors, I took some toilet paper and laid it on the toilet seat.  I was more than a little disgruntled.  I thought to myself, “Now why can’t they budget to provide the seat covers in the park restrooms?” I finished by business, but, as I got up,  I lost the toilet paper that I’d put on the seat.   It wasn’t there.  I finally figured it just fell into the toilet.  I flushed the toilet and headed out of the stall.

Now, there’s an apartment complex adjacent to the park.  As I was strolling by on my way “home,” this nice little lady pointed out to me that I had toilet paper hanging out of the back of my shorts.   It’s a good thing stuff like that makes me laugh.  And, laugh I did.  See; and some of you think God lets me get away with stuff.  LOL

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

Copyright by Marina Morrison (aka) Eden Stillwater, July 16, 2020, 11:14 a.m.

Know That You Know, That You Know


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that we, not only have the right to live in peace and joy, but also, the responsibility to.

There’s a very powerful statement in the message: “Success is the result of work done in peace.”  That tells me a couple of things.  First, it tells me that I have to be at peace within, if I want to make real progress outwardly.  By that, I mean manifesting positive change outwardly.  If I am not happy with myself, if I am hurting or confused, or angry within, etc., I’m not in a state conducive to positive change.  Secondly, it tells me that I must work to bring peace to another, if I want to truly help them.  First peace, then process, then, progress.  Finally, it tells me that I shouldn’t measure success by the wrong things.  There was a time in my life when just making the bed daily was a victory, a success.

Anything that brings peace, as long as it isn’t compromise with evil, is a success; it’s progress.  Of course, peace with evil, isn’t really peace, is it?  We have to be careful what we’re making peace with, also.  Sometimes, what we mistake for peace, can actually be compromise in the wrong direction, or even surrender.  Never surrender your peace, and the joy arising from true peace, to anything or anyone except the Lord, and the Word of God.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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