Turning To Him Empowers It All…


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that we must turn to God, or seek Him, before we can become aware of His Presence with us.  Jesus said, “seek first, therefore, the Kingdom of Heaven”…and everything else will be added unto you.  I don’t believe He was speaking just of material needs.

Whatever situation we may find ourselves in, when we first seek God’s face, God’s will, His grace and purpose, maybe even His mercy, in it, we will find the key that unlocks the whole thing for us.  I knew a man who lost his legs in an auto accident.  He was very bitter for some time.  He’d lost his whole life, as far as he was concerned.  A friend of his talked him into attending church with him once, and the man’s life began to change.  The next thing you know, the man was on the slopes, skiing.  He never skied when he had legs.  He competes regularly in quad competitions of all kinds.  He’s made new friends, discovered new interests and talents he never knew he had.  He’s got a whole new life, and it’s even better than before.

One of the reasons the Lord’s prayer says, “give us this day our daily bread, is that we need that reminder to look for God in every day, all throughout the day.  Jesus is the bread come down from Heaven.  Bread is food.  Jesus feeds our spirit all day long when we let Him.  We have a continual feast when God’s in the “pantry” of our soul.  Seeking God in it, is seeking the good in it, or bringing the good into it.  We are, after all, His hands in the earth.  When we do this, every part of our lives is empowered to bring glory to us, to others, and especially, to God.

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Start Where You Dwell


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, bids us to dwell in the secret place of God’s Shadow, or Spirit.  I’ve written before, about entering into that place through praise and worship.  I’ve written about making time to spend time alone with God.  The message bids us to make that dwelling place our home; and not to merely visit there fitfully, when it all gets to be too much for us.  “Dwell there,” we’re told.

Some years ago, I made the connection between the dwelling place of God’s Presence, and my own dwelling place.  There’s a place in the book (God Calling), that talks about homemaking in the spirit.  Jesus said, “the kingdom of Heaven is upon, or within you.”  That means God’s there.  So, how do we translate that into daily living?  We do that by homemaking for our spirit, and our soul…This message ties in well with the one about cultivating ourselves.

Part of cultivating ourselves, is tapping into our creativity, embracing our loves, likes, passions, and joys.  It involves managing our dislikes, and eliminating all sources of discord.  This works at home, at work, at church, in personal schedules,etc.  However, we’re talking about home.  When I think about that, I remember when I had to settle for freebies, bargain basement, mismatched, eclectic stuff.  Not that I wasn’t grateful; but, oh, the difference in emotional ease and joyousness of spirit, mind, and soul, when you get to purposefully pick and choose.  You get to choose; you’re the designer.  You are the creator of your sacred space.  This is the place where your body, mind, heart, spirit, and soul dwell.  Do you know there’s a difference between a dwelling and a residence?

To dwell suggests being connected, being a life-force in that place.  It suggests a warmth, and a joyful habitation.  It’s where we stop, stay, rest, linger, live, abide.  To reside suggests a mere being there, without a real connection, or warmth.  There’s really no life-force or joyful habitation.  No engagement with or in the place.  It is what we occupy, are placed, are found, and, are situated.  Can you see, and feel, the difference?  The bottom line, is that your surroundings affect your spirit, mind, and soul; and your heart, as well.  After you design, or create, your sacred space, the chores, the schedules, all the daily living issues, etc., need to be addressed, so all discord is eliminated or brought to a bare minimum.  What a wonderful difference, to walk into a welcoming home that wraps you in everything you love.  How wonderful to feel the peace settle over you as you enter.  Your home is sacred space.  Be purposeful, be deliberate when you create it.  You’ll soon find that God’s Presence dwells there with you.  What you surround yourself with will be absorbed by your heart, mind, and soul.  Let it be God’s Presence.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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You’ve Got That Xtra Something, Baby!


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that we are to be, and can be, generous givers.  Kingly givers, we’re told we can be.

The scripture referenced in the message is: “For the bread of God is He who comes down from Heaven and gives life to the world.” (John 6:33)  When I read this scripture, I think about Jesus’ words about seeking, knocking, asking.  If we live in the Presence of the Holy Spirit, which we do, we’re living in Heaven, essentially.  We are of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jesus also said we would do greater works because He is at the Father’s side.  That means to me, that I can give life to the world.  That tells me, then, that the message to me is that I can be a kingly giver, being generous in thought as well as deed.  Generous in giving all I am and all I have.

When I translate this to daily living it works out like this:  I can seek and find ways to give just a little more than is required or expected.  Along with that sack lunch, I can give a handshake, a smile, a hug, an encouraging word, etc.  Who doesn’t love those little encouraging notes you find in that brown bag?  It also means I can go the extra mile at work, or at church, or somewhere else in the community.  I can stay and help that co-worker finish his/her project, so everybody gets to go home at a reasonable time…but the work is also finished.  Little things like that are acts of kindness and little shows of a big heart, a big person, and even more importantly, a big God.  That is what it’s all about.  This is also illustrated quite nicely in the stories about Jesus feeding the crowds with just a little.  See, it’s not what you have.  It’s what you do with what you have.  And, Baby, one of the greatest gifts the world can have, while you’re in it, is YOU!

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Neither Do I Condemn Myself


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that there is now no condemnation in Christ Jesus.  We are bid to remember that faith, hope, and charity, or love, are what remain…”but the greatest of these is love.”

“Remember now abideth these three, Faith, Hope, and Charity.  Faith is your attitude towards Me. Charity your attitude towards your fellow man, but as necessary, is Hope, which is confidence in yourself to succeed.” -from the message in God Calling.

The really powerful revelation in this is that it’s not over when we falter, fall, or even fail.  There really is no such thing as failure in Christ Jesus.  It stops being falter, fail, and failure, the instant you get back up.  The very instant you begin to get up, or turn around, or cry out to Jesus to take it off of you, it’s gone…as far as the East is from the West…it’s in the past…and you’re still in the race.  Isn’t that awesome?!

I can’t tell you how many times I tried to quit cigarettes, because I lost count sometime after about 20-30…maybe even more than that.  But I can tell you that I never heard Jesus say, “well, you wouldn’t be hooked on ’em if you’d never started smoking them.”  He never said, “It’s about time you got smart.”  He never even said, “Finally!  I wondered how long it would take you to realize you can’t do this without me.”  You know what I did hear?  I heard, “I love you, Marina.”  I heard, “I am the truth, the life, and the way.” -yes, the way.  I heard, “Daughter, your faith has saved you; go and sin no more.”

Sometimes, I think I’ll probably get to Heaven, and Jesus will ask me if I want a cigarette just to see the look on my face.  I’m kidding-Jesus wouldn’t ever do that.   Oh, my God! -That last cigarette…I can just imagine what my face looked like.  I lit up a cigarette right after walking out of church where I’d prayed, not a half hour earlier, and asked the Lord to help me.   It tasted so nasty…but I smoked it to the filter.  My very last cigarette, I lit later that day.  I couldn’t get past the second puff because it tasted so bad.  You see, I’d told the Lord, “You know me, Jesus.  You’re going to have to make them taste and smell so nasty that I can’t smoke them.”  Do you all know that God answers prayer?  I’m sure Jesus and I will have a great laugh when we talk about my eyes being big as saucers -and that “deer in the headlight look,” when I realized Jesus really did it.  But there was no condemnation when I lit up the second to the last cigarette, or the very last one.  That’s what we need to realize, and put into practice whenever we’re struggling, faltering, falling, or failing!

Don’t beat yourself up; pick yourself up by lifting yourself up.  Lift yourself up to the feet of Jesus.  It’s there you’ll find the mercy and grace, and the fierce, fierce love of the One who’ll get you across the finish line – Victoriously! -No matter how long it takes!

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Our God is a Way Maker


This goes with today’s message, so well.  Can you see the whole church moving across that desert and into the promised land? – As one mighty throng?  YES!  Thank you, Michael W. Smith and companions for a beautiful rendition of this song!

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Peace, Man, Peace…


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us why keeping the peace within is so important.  Peace in the midst of all the chaos and confusion, the darkness and dreariness…Peace within is the mark of the Kingdom.  It is the gift and the mark of our Lord Jesus Christ, according to the message.

When I thought about this, I had to agree.  There are people who freak out and become suicidal over a job loss.  There are people who know the Lord, who go through some horrendous storms in their lives…and come out smiling and praising the LORD.  “Peace, be still…and know that I am God,” says He.  And He’ll never fail you!  Peace within is cultivated and kept strong by knowing Jesus intimately, on a personal level.  You won’t find Him in church alone.  If you’ll remember, He went everywhere.

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Sunday Come to Jesus Call


I don’t know who I’m talking to today…Maybe you’ve been to church as a guest today, for the first time.  Maybe today’s the day you need to take that last step and give your heart to Jesus.  There’s never been a better time than today; like, right now.

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