What Praise Unlocks


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that there is an order to all things; even approaching God.  The message bids us to seek first something we can be thankful for-even in distresses, and then praise God for it…then approach boldly with your cry for help.

I learned some time ago to just live in a state of thankfulness.  Even in the darkest moment, the most outrageous distress, the most dire circumstance, you still have at least one thing to be thankful for.  That one thing is God.  If that’s all you can see that you have to be thankful for, so be it.  Thank Him for being Who He Is.  The instant you do that, the floodgates open, and the blessing flows.  Worry, doubt, fear, anger, bitterness, resentment all dam up that flow.  Praise breaks up the “log jam.”  Praise unlocks the door of the storehouse where your treasures are kept.  The next thing you know, the darkness is dispelled, the fear is gone, the shame and distress are both disarmed, and you know where, exactly you’re going.  “First right with Me, then righted in the eyes of men, too.”

Psalm 26:6-7 is referenced by the message: “I wash my hands in innocence, and go about your altar, Lord, proclaiming aloud your praise and telling of all your wonderful deeds.”  There is a powerful revelation in this scripture.  Washing your hands in innocence suggests that you aren’t going to allow a spirit of shame or fear to stop you from going to God’s.  When we proclaim aloud God’s praise and tell of His wonderful deeds, we are putting the forces of darkness on notice that we’re standing on God’s promises and His Word – “It is written!”  We are also stirring our own spirits up by recounting our victories in Christ, and our state of blessedness through Him. “I am a child of God Most High; and an heir with Christ Jesus!”  Hallelujah!

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Saturday Silly – October 5, 2019


Dad had been gone all week on his sales trip.  He arrived home bright and early Saturday morning.   The kids were all in the living room watching television, but Mom was nowhere in the vicinity.  “Where’s your mother,” asked Dad.  “The poor battered woman is in the bathroom cleaning herself and the two year old up,” answered Stephanie, the oldest of the children.  “Battered woman?  What? What are you talking about, Stephanie?  Did something happen to Mom,”asked Dad, now alarmed.  “I’ll say,” said Tommy, the second oldest child.  “Little Mike got so excited about pancakes for breakfast, he grabbed the bowl of batter, and threw it up in the air.  He got batter all over himself and Mom.”  Isn’t motherhood awesome?!  I think so; and I mean that with all my heart.  LOL

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Please encourage a survivor, and let a victim know she’s not alone, or, that he’s not alone.  Please light a candle for all the victims who did not survive, but lost their lives to this.  Thank you to all those who stood beside me.  I am eternally in your debt, and eternally grateful for your help. From a survivor … Yes, you will laugh again, my dear…keep fighting!  You’re not alone.

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It’s About The Beauty Of The Lord


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that everything we need can be found in our Lord, Jesus Christ.  That statement carries the most powerful revelation you’ll ever get in this life.  Ready?

God is love. (1John 4:16)  Jesus said, “when you see me, you’ve seen the Father.” (John 12:45, 14:9)  Thus, Jesus is LOVE, personified.  Everything love is, is Jesus. (1 Cor. 13:4-13, Gal. 5:22-23, Ephesians 5:8-10)

Psalm 27:4 – “One thing I ask from the LORD, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.”  This Psalm is referenced by the message in the book.  All of the above scriptures tell me that love is my most crucial need.  It tells me that love is my most powerful weapon, tool, medicine, nourishment, shield, comforter, and inspiration.  It’s all I need, and the rest will follow.  (Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all these shall be added unto you as well.) – Matt 6:33  And, all the other things of the Spirit, can, and will be found by you, in Christ Jesus, as well.

That’s the revelation.  Seek Him first.  Seek out everything about Him; all He is and all He has.  That’s what you are meant to be, were created to be, and what you have, and have had from the beginning.  It is rightfully yours as a child of God.  Take it, hold fast to it.  Don’t let go of it, no matter what.  Just like he did with Adam and Eve, Satan is trying to get you to turn loose of it.  They already were like God.  “Let us make man in our image (LOVE), and after our likeness (LOVE).” (Genesis 1:26)  Once you see, and experience the beauty of love, as it is meant to be, there is nothing more desirable.  

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Blessed Assurance Is That Peace


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that we are to seek peace; to pursue it.  We are told that blessed assurance, that calm, knowing that God is God, is what brings about true success.  Only when we attain this calm, can true work be done, and body, mind, and soul be strengthened to achieve the victory.

Isaiah 32:17 tells us that “The work of righteousness will be peace, And the effect of righteousness, quietness and assurance forever.” (NKJV)  This tells me that my work, as a child of God, is to seek peace in everything.  It is to bring peace to all situations; inner peace and peace round about.  This peace-making, bringing, and keeping, is righteousness.  (Matt. 5:9) -“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God.”  This assurance is the result of a deep trust and certainty in God’s love, His promises, and His Word.  This is that calm, the peace, that we need to fight for.  This is the peace we must protect, at all costs.  By that, I mean, sometimes you need to walk away from things, or even people, if they are destroying peace in your home, your life, your heart.  I don’t mean just one or two events.  I’m talking about someone who chooses this havoc wreaking as a way of life.  That’s a coat you need to take off so you don’t drown in the pool kind of thing.

When we strive to bring about peace within, we are better equipped to establish and maintain peace in our surroundings, our relationships, our daily living.  That’s why the commandment says, love your neighbor as yourself.  It’s you first, then your neighbor and all else follows…often without struggle.

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You May Not See It, But It’s All There


“No! Abide in Me. Not for one moment losing the consciousness of My Strength and Protection.”  This is a quote directly from today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell.

The message bids us to live in the unseen, or, as we hear so often, to walk by faith.  We have legions of angels dispatched to guard, guide, and keep us.  We have every promise  a child of God is promised.  You’ll find them in Deuteronomy, among other places in the Bible.  When we keep this in mind, we can lift our eyes to the glories and gloriousness of the Kingdom of Heaven; which is ours through Christ Jesus.  As we step up into these, walking by faith is easier and easier to do.  I hope you’ll go to the twolisteners.org website, and read the entire message for yourselves.  It’s an awesome one.

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He’s Really Good With Tangles


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that Jesus can do what seems to be the impossible.  We are reminded that it is in quietness and trust that our strength lies.  We’re also promised that from the second we put it into God’s Hands, the working out, the cure, the victory is being brought forth.

When I read this message, I think back to the one that was illustrated by a skein of yarn in Mother’s hands.  I had to laugh, recalling how often my skein of yarn would get tangled, and I’d have to work that tangle out before I could go on with my project.  When you’re a child, you usually have to take those tangled things to Mom or Dad.  But there’s never any doubt in your mind that they can fix it, is there?  That’s the way we’re supposed to trust God.  I’ve had occasions to pray, and then stand silently and trust God.  You know what?  God always speaks back with His Word.  There’s always the assurance and the reassurance-that He hears, He sees, and He’s on it!

That being silent, and the being still-meaning, don’t put one end of that skein in His hands, and then run off with the other end in hand, and try to fix it yourself…that’s the toughest thing to do sometimes. “Just be still and know that I am God.”  And, you’re still His child.  And, He’s still in control-not only of your life, but of all life, and all of life.  That means God’s got His Eye, and hand, on the trouble, the trouble-maker, AND, on every single reason to doubt, to fear, to give up, to let go.  Take that, you tangle!

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Until It Becomes The Air You Breathe


Today’s message from God Calling – A. J. Russell, bids us to seek God, to commune with Him, and to dwell with Him.  We are bid to dig deep into the soil of the Kingdom of Heaven.

I always pray before I read my Bible.  I always have.  The reason I bring it up is because I can’t imagine not doing that.  But, I remember how much effort it took back in the beginning, to get into the presence of the Holy Spirit.  I would get distracted by outside noise, totally thrown off by someone talking as I’m trying to praise the Lord, things like that.  Sometimes it would be so hard to stay focused on even my prayers, let alone my Bible study.  I’ve learned those are some of the enemy’s tricks and ploys.  I’m glad I pressed on.  I want to encourage you today – whoever you may be, not to give up.  If it takes you three hours of praise music, do them.  If you have to start your prayer over ten times, do it.  Don’t let the distraction win, by causing you to stop your pursuit of the Lord’s Presence.  It is all worth it in the end.  The more time you spend in His Presence, the more treasures you find in the soil of the Kingdom (His Word), and vice versa.  The more wisdom, peace, truth, love, that you find in that Kingdom soil, the bolder you get about going to the Lord.  The easier it is to be in His Presence…just like the little child he scooped up and took onto His lap.  He did say we must become as trusting and free as children are, didn’t He?

My song choice is and oldie but goody called The Air I Breathe:

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