Preparing The Soil


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, bids us to spend more time preparing the soil.  Jeremiah 4:3 tells us to break up our fallow ground and don’t sow among thorns.

There are two things that come to mind when I read this scripture.  First, fallow ground is unplowed.  That means the seed won’t get into the soil because the ground is unpenetrable.   If the seed doesn’t get into the soil, it doesn’t get the nourishment required for it to take root and grow.  It will just lie on the surface of the ground and be blown away by the wind, or scorched by the sun.  It’s important to create the right environment; one that will promote growth and success.  This works in every aspect of life; breaking generational curses included.  Secondly, we’re told not to sow among thorns.  Those thorns represent nay-sayers, or unbelievers, those that keep pulling us back into destructive ways and things, etc.  This, also, is very important when we’re breaking generational curses off, and/or breaking bonds of addictions and dysfunctions.

When we spend time preparing the soil, we’re sure to reap the blessings we were ordained to reap.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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Saturday Silly – September 14, 2019


The husband woke up with a start as his wife poked him in the ribs, almost shouting, “Honey, it’s time; the baby’s coming.”  As soon as he was dressed, and the “delivery day,” suitcase was in the car, along with mommy and baby, they headed for the hospital.  How exciting!

About 3 1/2 hours later, the labor pains increased in intensity.  Mommy was already tired of this ordeal.  “Oh, I wish this baby would hurry up and get here already,” she said. “Where’s your faith,” asked Daddy.  “Hang in there, Honey; God’s got perfect timing,” he said.  She gritted her teeth, moaned, and squeezed Daddy’s hand as hard as she could when the next pain came..  “Ouch,” exclaimed Daddy.  “Do you have to squeeze that hard?”  Mommy wasn’t impressed with Daddy’s attitude.  You promised you’d be here for me, Honey,” Mommy said. “Remember, we’re in this together.”  “I know, I know,” said Daddy.  “I just need a little break.  Think I’ll go get some coffee, if you don’t mind.”   Then Daddy realized that he’d forgotten his wallet.  “Honey, do you have any cash on you?  I forgot my wallet in the rush to get here,” said Daddy.   Mommy, still a little miffed, and very much in pain, replied, “Silver and gold have I none, but what I do have, in Jesus’ Name, I give to you.”  Daddy doubled over instantly, and dropped to his knees, clutching his tummy.  There he was, in pain as that stomach flu hit him and caused those awful cramps.  Daddy woke up from his dream with a start.  He looked at Mommy, who was sound asleep and smiling.  “Lord,” Daddy prayed, “please don’t let me forget my wallet when it’s time…and please help me be a good helper in the delivery room.”   LOL

Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, is about when faith fails.  It’s a good one, and I hope you’ll check it out at  When I read it, I thought of Peter trying to walk on the water…and later, healing a crippled man with those very words: Silver and gold have I none, but what I do have, in Jesus’ Name, I give to you.  That inspired this little story.  I wish I’d thought of that when I was having my babies…I’m kidding, their dad was awesome in the delivery room.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu

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