Holding the Lines You’ve Drawn


Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, bids us to hold the fort.  Simply put, we’re being admonished to be unwavering about the standards we set; for ourselves, and in regard to others.

When I think about this, I think back to a life of turmoil, insecurity, and constant chaos.  I think about my struggle to grasp, once again, the concept of peace and harmony, of balance and security.  Then I think about my battles to put standards and boundaries back in place, and to maintain them.  At times, I had to battle with myself.  I would get frustrated or depressed, and want to give up; I’d want to let things slide.  I’m not talking about one morning of not making the bed, or one night of not doing the dishes.  I’m talking about morning after morning when I didn’t even want to get up, and had to actually struggle my way out of bed.  Then, making the bed was just me going through the motions.  My emotions had me distracted and kind of disconnected.  As soon as I caught what was happening (the routine was coming apart, I was giving up ground, etc.), I grabbed that standard and held it up.  I clung to the standard with all my might, until I felt the ground beneath my feet was once again steady.  “Never yield any point you’ve already won.” (quoting directly from the message)

When we give up ground, we end up losing to the tide.  The way to avoid doing that is through obedience, prayer, and perseverance in both.  Even if it feels as if you’re only going through the motions, do it.  Don’t break the routine, don’t give up, don’t back up.  Those things are all powerful statements to the spirit, and in the spirit realm.  Even those who don’t believe have draw lines and put standards into place.  To keep what you’ve gained, you have to refuse to yield to anything less than the standard you’ve set.

When we do this, we cultivate peace, harmony, balance, and security within and round about us.  These things are well worth the struggle to achieve and to maintain, as they are vital to a good life.  Sometimes that means saying, “no.”  Sometimes it means closing the door to certain things or people.  Sometimes it means opening the door to certain things or people.   When we are honest with ourselves we are empowered to put such standards into place, to draw the lines we need to draw, and to maintain them.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu                                                                                          Copyright by Marina Morrison (aka) Eden Stillwater, April 10, 2019, 2:56 p.m.


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