Feeding Your Soul


My children, I know today may be a tough one for you, being the first anniversary of your Dad’s passing.  I love you, I’m thinking about you, you are in my daily prayers.  Your Dad is in a better place awaiting his reunion with you.  You are wonderful children, and I could not be a more proud mother.  Don’t ever forget that.  I love you!

Today’s message from God Calling – A.J. Russell, reminds us that doing God’s will is food for our soul.  The union that happens when we’re working in the power of the Holy Spirit and according to God’s will in and for our lives, and the lives of others, is life giving food to our soul.

By it, our faith is nourished, our strength is increased, our peace and joy become multifaceted and innate.  The problems we experience with fulfillment happen when we mistakenly believe that doing God’s will only includes doing good deeds, being charitable, kind, patient, etc., as described in the listing of the fruits of the Spirit.  Fruits is the key word here, though.  Those fruits come from a spirit that is nourished in the things of God, in the peace of God, and in the joy of God.  Joys come in many different ways; and so does peace.

Can you recall the feeling of peace that settled on you as you sat in your favorite chair in front of a fire?  Now, put your feet up and sip on that cup of tea, or hot cocoa if you prefer.  Remember the squeals of joy and laughter as the sled went down the hill?  And can you recall the strength that flooded your being as you read the Psalms while you awaited the report from the surgeon who was operating on your loved one?  I have on particular recollection of a time when I was facing a Christmas with really nothing in the cupboards, and no gifts for the little ones.  God came to me in a dream and showed me the gift of the cross with every disease and sin known to man etched in it, and the blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ, flowing down over all of them.  My gift of His promise to never leave or forsake us, and of the assurance that He would provide.  Lo and behold, I was able to come up with a Christmas tree, a few ornaments, and even some gifts for my children.  My gift was their laughter as they played around that tree…and my laughter when somebody bumped the tree accidentally and it tipped over.  These are all ways in which our souls are nourished; and this food is just as important as the nourishment of good deeds and the fruits of the spirit.

This busy Christmas season, don’t forget to gift yourself with a little time in the presence of our Lord.  And do revel in the nourishment your spirit gets from doing good things for yourself.  You are worth it.  As a matter of fact, Jesus thinks you’re to die for.

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu                                                                                                    Copyright by Marina Morrison (aka) Eden Stillwater, December 7, 2018, 11:51 a.m.


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