Oh Look! I’m Bedazzled!


Today’s message from God Calling -A.J. Russell, reminds us that whenever the glory of the Lord rises upon us, we are dazzling!

That glory is reflected in our lives when we persevere with patience, when we serve with love, when we celebrate, play, and revel in being alive -in purity, and when we rejoice in being God’s kids -in humility.  The fact that I’m saved, sanctified, and glorified, is Jesus’ doing, not mine.  What I do-notice I said, “do,” is turn my eyes to Heaven daily, and all day long, to behold the One who saved me, so I won’t forget that He can save me still.  Yes, I did say still.  You see, I have a short memory, and sometimes and even shorter fuse.  And, I need Jesus to save me from myself, just as much as some of you do-and you know who you are.  LOL  

That’s when that glory does rise upon us.  When we turn (repenting of our flesh) and call upon the Name of the Lord, we set a process in motion.  God responds with grace, mercy, truth, and a way.  He’s the way maker.  One of the greatest examples from my own life, is that little prayer I have to say, “Jesus, don’t let go of my hand, because you know I’ll be wandering off into the cheesy omelets, the chocolate cookies, the ice cream, the bacon, and all that stuff that’ll kill my cardiologist.  It will, she’ll have a heart attack when she finds out I’m eating that stuff.  God answers, and puts a big bag of juicy red grapes -on sale-right there in front of me.  Then I find tuna fish is on sale, and oatmeal is two for one.  God is good.  See, now his glory is rising upon me and I’m going to be healthy.  My autoimmune disorder will go into remission, I’ll be able to breathe, to move without pain, and my heart won’t keep trying to stop.

God’s glory doesn’t just rise on us in emergencies; no, it doesn’t.  When you’re undertaking to design a beautiful little home, God will show you how to make a little fish aquarium out of a two gallon water container.  sjpunk-e1432403544446

He’ll show you how to transform a round mirror, some glitter and fake snow, and some little figurines into a winter skate pond to adorn your coffee table.  Add a tiny decorated tree, a creche and the Holy family, and bask in the glory of it’s simple and quiet beauty.  And all that came out of you!  When we allow God to work in and through us, and to speak to our hearts, He opens our eyes to wonders, stirs our imaginations, and bedazzles our whole world.

PS -You should see Him in my kitchen!  Oh, yum!  And, did I really do that?!  Thank you, Jesus!

Love you from Cafe du Mondieu                                                                                                Copyright by Marina Morrison (aka) Eden Stillwater, November 18, 2018, 12:35 p.m.


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