Saturday Silly – October 20, 2018


You know, I hate it when you’re exactly like your real life self in your dreams.  And, boy did I have a doozy of one last night.  I went back in time to my romance with my little country boyfriend.  His mother liked to think she could cook.  Her favorite breakfast dish was a Frittata.  Since they lived out in the country, they had chickens and a couple of cows.

One morning after having breakfast at his mom’s house, he asked me if the breakfast wasn’t a good one.  I jokingly said, “Your mother needs to start feeding those chickens some Pico de Gallo, so that Frittata will be a little more flavorful.”  Boy, oh, boy!  That set off a big argument.  I think every past infraction between us was brought up-admittedly, by both of us.  Anyway, we both just kept getting more and more upset.   Now you know how we girls are when we get all upset, right?  I finally said, “Pull this car over and let me out!  I’m walking back to town!”  He replied with just as much irritation, “That’s just fine with me, honey!  There are plenty of fish in the sea!”  To which I responded, “Yeah, well it’s a good thing there are because there’s not one in the ocean who’d have anything to do with you right now!”  He pulled the car over and we were both laughing so hard that it was fifteen minutes before we could continue on to town.  Of course we made up!  Who in their right mind would give up a crazy girl like me?!

Love you from Café du Mondieu                                                                                       Copyright by Marina Morrison (aka) Eden Stillwater, October 20, 2018, 10:11 a.m.


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