Saturday Silly – 9/22/2018


I love kids!  I was talking with a friend of mine from Montana, just the other day.  We talked about how fast the kids grew up, who got married, and who was expecting; all that good stuff.  She told me a couple of her grandkids helped with the branding this year.  “One of the boys gave Doug the idea to put a porta-potty  out there for everyone, so nobody would have to waste time going back to the bunk-house or the main house.  They were a little way out, in one of the summer pastures.”  She laughed as she continued her story.  “Little Mike and Robbie stayed with us for the week.  We were having Shepherd’s pie for dinner, and Robbie decided to be a comedian.  He’s the seven year old.”  She laughed again, then went on.  “We were just about to say grace, when Robbie asked, “What do you get when you don’t put a porta-potty in the sheep pasture?  “I don’t know,” replied Mike; “what?”  She laughed again and said, “Ray busted out with this big grin and could hardly contain himself.”  Ray is her husband.  Then she said, “Robbie said, “Shepherd’s pie, Mike; shepherd’s pie.”

It’s always nice to hear about fellow comedians.  I really enjoyed that one.

Love you form Café du Mondieu

Copyright by Marina Morrison (aka) Eden Stillwater, September 22, 2018, 4:01 p.m.


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